How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror {Distressed Wood}

As promised, I put together a DIY post on how to distress wood and frame a mirror. It was surprisingly simple and no power tools were used in the process! So if you are intimidated at all, do not be. It’s really quite simple and makes a huge difference. If you missed the before and after post on our powder room you can check it out here.   frame a mirror from a thoughtful place     Here is a reminder of how the bathroom looked before and then after the new frame. We are thrilled with the new look. It is a rich and warm addition to the room.   frame a mirror from a thoughtful place frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   In order to get the look of distressed wood I used pine wood planks, any tools I could find, stain, and a few rags. frame a mirror from a thoughtful place Although we have the tools to cut wood, I chose to measure the bathroom space and have Home Depot cut the wood for me. Our in laws were in town and I knew my hubby would very much appreciate me keeping this project pretty low key. I measured very carefully and had them cute the four pieces. Once they were cut I measured them to be sure. I didn’t want to get home and find out I had incorrect sizes. Sure enough, two of them were too long so I had them cut again. Super glad I double checked. frame a mirror from a thoughtful place     I must apologize to my neighbors. I am really hoping they were not home when I was beating the heck out of this wood. Let’s just say it is not a quiet project. I don’t suggest doing it once the kids have gone to bed! They will be up in no time. My favorite tool to beat up the wood was actually the handle of a screwdriver. Holding the silver end, I was able to make fantastic marks on the edges and of the wood which really helped to attain the distressed look. frame a mirror from a thoughtful place I also took Cassie’s advice from her shelf project and hammered some nails into the wood. The marks those made were a great look once the wood was stained. The only other thing I did was lightly sand the edges all the way around the wood just to remove the harsh angles. frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   I chose this because it is stain and poly in one product. To be that equals love. I chose Dark Walnut and hoped for the best! frame a mirror from a thoughtful place This is how the marks began to look once the staining began. If you are worried your wood does not look distressed enough, it really comes to life once the stain sets in. I used a good four or five coats of stain to get the dark color I wanted. It was an evening of patience. My family went out to dinner and I cranked up the music and poured a glass of wine. A little bit of shelter magazine reading in between coats never hurt anyone! frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   Here are the pieces once they were dry and ready to go. I kept the cuts 90 degrees because I wanted the top and bottom pieces to extend all the way across the mirror.   frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   Unfortunately, there are no photos of me adhering the wood to the mirror. . . hard to snap photos and press at the same time. However, there was absolutely nothing fancy about it. I used Power Grab and it made the wood stick like Also, if you have the silver track like we do at the bottom, don’t let the deter you. It did not make a bit of difference. The only thing we ran into was that our white existing molding needed to be removed and cut shorter so that it would fit right up against the new wood frame. Careful measuring and all was fine! frame a mirror from a thoughtful place     frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   I literally just applied it in a zig zag {I mean chevron } motion across the back of the wood and stuck it to the mirror. I held it for about  five seconds and then applied the next piece of wood. frame a mirror from a thoughtful place   frame a mirror from a thoughtful place If you are contemplating this project, I say go for it. It was very quick. I bought the wood, distressed it, and stained the wood in one night. The next day I adhered it to the mirror in our bathroom. {see the full bathroom reveal here} …… pinterest In other news, in case you missed me saying so, a thoughtful place might be the last hold out. I finally jumped on the pinterest train and I am not getting off any time soon. It sort of rocks. And yes, it is a time sucker. Just what I needed. Oh, and you don’t need a personal invitation anymore {that was a bit silly}. In case you are not familiar, it’s sort of an online bulletin board where you can keep photos you stumble upon. I am just getting rolling over there so not too sure you want to join me yet but if you do, you can find me here! Sharing with Home Stories A 2 Z


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    So glad to see this. Looks fantastic! This is the exact project I want to do in my kids' bathroom. I love being to learn from someone who already has gone through it, so thanks;)!! Plus, you had me at no power tools or cutting on my part and a little distressing with wine and a magazine. all good to me!

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    Love this, I want to frame the mirrors in our bathroom. As I was reading I thought, I want to pin this. Hope you add the "pin it" button to your blog.

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