How to Keep Crayons Neat & Tidy

If you have young ones in your home than you assuredly have crayons! I have tried a myriad of ways to keep them contained and somewhat organized. To be 100% honest, this idea was totally my daughter’s. She was the one who decided they should be organized into cups of color. Genius idea. It is easier to find the color you are looking for and they do not become a jumbled mess. We have been keeping them like this for quite some time but just busted out some fresh new crayons so I snapped a few photos.   IMG_0211_writing   We had been keeping the crayons in a wooden salad bowl. I first saw that idea over at Emily’s and I still love it. They look pretty on the table that way. But when you have a daughter who is crazy serious about her artwork, things get switched up from time to time. The silver tray is actually plastic and light as a feather. I scooped it up from The Dollar Tree a while back and it is perfect for the plastic cups of crayons.     IMG_0207   My son has recently taken to coloring by number so these cups make it even easier for him to grab the color he needs.   IMG_0217   I am always curious how people really live in their everyday lives. You know . . the not so pretty, but necessary stuff. So I thought I would break it down for you. This sideboard is in our dining room. It is grand central station around here after school. My daughter has her snack, plays for a bit, and then comes right back to the table to do homework. My son normally sits at the table with her and colors or draws. So this sideboard houses things we grab all of the time. It has her crayons, her homework box, our dishes, and our napkins for dinner. The kiddos are in charge of setting the table so I want the dishes and napkins to be easy to grab.   IMG_0224 I secretly {okay. . .not so secretly} love that the crayons look so pretty sitting among our other everyday pieces and dishes. And you would never know they were sitting on a $1 tray!   IMG_0232 So that is the all important crayon update from our home! Hope it sparks an idea for you. How do you corral yours? I would love to know. s a v o r    y o u r   d a y


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    Very fun. It makes my heart happy to see them separated into colors like that. Ours are currently in a metal Hello Kitty pencil box that I found at Target a while back. My artist is always being dragged around to her older brothers' activities, so it's best for ours to be ready to go at a moments notice.

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    Must be on the same wavelength. I've been planning to attack our crazy crayon situation over here too! Right now ours are mixed together in a plastic shoe box…can never find the right color!! 😉

    Love it when everyday items can suddenly look pretty on a shelf!

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    Somebody's a lot like her mama! :) It does look nice like that – and definitely easier to find the color you want. I actually want to know more about "the homework" box. How does that work??

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    I teach first grade, and I use the same plastic cups to organize the extra classroom crayons. So funny! When the kids find lost crayons on the floor, they put it in the crayon cup. When someone is missing a blue, they can get an extra one easily, without rummaging through a bin full of crayons. Simple.

    I love that your crayons have a home right next to the plates!

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    I love that the crayons can be a cute design element – form & function! We have arts and craft supplies galore, organized into clear plastic lidded boxes and stored in a cabinet. It's fun to have art supplies out though, for whenever creativity is sparked!

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