How to Make Valentine Treats {Pink Pretzels}

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to have some sweet treats on hand for the kiddos. Our four year old son is allergic to chocolate {gasp, I know} so it’s always a challenge to come up with new and fun ideas for treats that do not involve any chocolate. I thought candy dipped pretzels would be not only cute, but pretty quick to whip up as well. I am a huge fan of the sweet and savory combination so these do the trick.



…………………….….the supplies


I pick up my candy melts from either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s depending on where I am. The only other supply I ended up using at the last minute were some pearl candy sprinkles {that my children LOVE for some reason}. I melted the candy using the microwave. …IMG_9847IMG_9853
Creating the pink pretzels: To completely cover the pretzels in pink candy, I dunked about three at a time and used a spoon to move them around in the bowl until covered. Then I fished one out with the spoon and held it with two fingers to shake off the excess. Then I placed them on wax paper. Once I had them all coated, I put them in the fridge to set for a few minutes. Just remember: Dunk, Fish, Shake {Dunk the pretzel, fish it out with a spoon, and shake off the extra candy}.



Adding the white detail: After the pink candy coating was set, I melted the white candy melts. For half of the pretzels I dunked them in the white candy and added candy pearls. To create the plaid drizzled effect, I poured the melted white candy into a snack size bag and cut a tiny tiny hole in the bottom. That allowed me to drizzle the candy over the pretzel with a really fine line of candy. MAJOR HINT: After you drizzle the white candy, be sure to poke your finger or a knife through the pretzel holes. If you do not and the candy stretches across the holes, it looks a lot like spider webs. Not cute, nor appetizing!

I had a willing taster who was dying to try these after church. With milk in hand, she was a happy little camper. This little one melts my heart.



Details: I only used half a bag of the pink candy melts to make a really nice size batch. I am keeping them in a bowl in the fridge. When it’s time to serve them up for dessert or a treat, I take out how many I need and let them sit out for just a couple of minutes. Yummy!!! Oh, and for the curious types . . . the gray and white striped straws are from Home Goods.


Have you whipped up any fun treats for February? I would love to know! Especially if they do not include chocolate!
have a sweet day
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    Such a darling and simple idea. Thanks for sharing. I believe we will be making a batch this week, for sure.
    Love your blog, you always have the sweetest posts!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness…your daughter is a doll! Cute!! I remember losing my front teeth many years ago. Those pretzels look yummy and so pretty in pink.

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