{How to Organize} Under the Bathroom Sink

Let me preface this post by saying I know this is super boring stuff. And if I lost you at “bathroom sink” I won’t be offended. It’s operation purge and get things cleaned out over here. In light of that I am airing my dirty laundry and showing you how horrible my bathroom cabinet had become. It really was a hot mess and it was time to take control of it. Below are the details on how I cleared and cleaned out this oh so glamorous space!   A Thoughtful Place bathroom organization   Yep! Here she is. Wasn’t pretty. In fact it was so bad that each time I took something out, everything else came crashing down. I think the bathroom cabinets have always  thrown me for a loop because of the darn pipes and the odd space. In any event, it was time to give this bad boy a good cleaning. I started by taking everything out and sorting into a “trash pile” and a “keep pile”. I am either proud or completely embarrassed to say that I filled an entire kitchen trash bag full of stuff I could toss. It’s actually quite sad that I had let it get to that point. But we are moving on here, people! beforebathroomcabinet2 It’s no secret that I have a crush on these shoe organizers. I used one in our mini mudroom here and here and it has been fantastic. It suddenly came to me when I was trying to fall asleep one night. Use a shoe organizer on the bathroom cabinet door. So much more storage and things won’t get all jumbled together. So I set out to find one and picked up this one at HomeGoods. Now you all know that these lovely organizers are quite long. Even better! I cut it in thirds so now I can hang one on my husband’s door as well as in the children’s bathroom. Total score for $16. A Thoughtful Place bathroom organization I used the 3M velcro strips to attach it to the door. So far so good. I put one on all four corners but will add one more to the top middle. I have a piece of duct tape there right now. It’s not that it is in danger of pulling away, but the fact that it does not lay flat bugs me and the extra reinforcement won’t hurt. The weight limit on these strips is something like 16 pounds so we are for sure okay.   A Thoughtful Place bathroom organization   These plastic bins are ideal. I keep items for traveling in one and the other hosts extras of lotions, face soap, etc. IMG_1232 A while back I posted about my DIY ikat bowl which now hosts extra bars of soap. I use the black bag when I travel and I LOVE it. It has pockets all around it so I can slip the things I need right into it. It is empty except for the traveling make up pouches that I store inside of it. IMG_1233 IMG_1236   In case you are curious, the shoe organizer holds things like nail polish remover, bronzer, hair styling products, new razors, and cleansing cloths for removing make-up. It’s been so convenient just opening the cabinet and grabbing something like hair spray. I had gotten in a habit of keeping things on the counter and now it is all tucked away, which I much prefer. IMG_1237   IMG_1238IMG_1239 IMG_1228 IMG_1224   You could also go the route of a clear shoe organizer if you like to see what is in each pocket. Because these are things I use on a daily basis, it wasn’t necessary for me and I like that things are a bit hidden. A Thoughtful Place bathroom organization So there you have it folks. The not so glamorous stuff! I am just thrilled that I finally found the time to get around to this mess. My husband is digging his shoe organizer as well. I will be hanging one for the kiddos shortly. What about you? Any cabinets you are embarrassed to open? Come on. Don’t be shy! keep calm & organize on! link party coming soon so get those projects going! And for more of my organization projects you can go here.


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    It's times like this I really wish my bathroom cabinet had cabinets and not just drawers and an open bottom! I love the way my bathroom cabinet looks but it's just not very functional sometimes. I have a stand-alone four tier cabinet thing for all of my hair goods but some days I really just miss the cabinets! :)

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    Have you been reading my mind????? I knew I HAD to tackle the bathroom cabinets after I found the little man walking around the house with a box of pregnancy tests. (Parent of the year, right here.) I will happily steal all of your ideas. Yes, not a glamorous subject matter, but mission critical nonetheless!!!

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    Nicely done! I so need to do this exact thing, when I noticed I had some long outdated product under my sink. I'll work on it this weekend, so thanks for the inspiration!

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    OK, you have motivated me to tackle the cabinet under the bathroom sink! It is " disasterville" under there. I've started it a few times, get frustrated, shove it all back in and shut the door. After seeing yours I am ready! Thanks Courtney! Those shoe organizers are a wonderful idea.

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    What a great idea! I think I'm pretty organized until I see something brilliant like this. I'd love to hear more about your little black travel bag. Where did you find it? My husband gives me such grief over what I call my bondo(toiletry/makeup) bag.

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    That does it! I'm flying you to NC for the weekend to get my closets, etc. in order! Will provide the wine of course :). Happy Friday my dear!

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    SMART GIRL! I never would have thought about cutting up shoe organizers, but that's perfect for a bathroom! And thank goodness my bathroom cabinet isn't the only one who looks like that… it's sort of a game how quickly I can shut the door before stuff falls out ; ) Thanks for the idea, friend!

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    Oh Court- can you come two doors down and tackle ours?? I HATE the big 'ole pipe that makes storing things impossible. Great solution, and how do you manage to make even under-sink storage beautiful? You have talent, my dear. :)

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