Jessica Alba and Just Four Things

While at Alt Summit in Utah, I was honored to have the chance to sit down with the talented and beautiful, Jessica Alba. She was there promoting the company that she started, The Honest Co., just over a year ago. After having her own children, she quickly realized the need for basic household necessities without toxins.  Not as easy as you would think. The Honest Co. is committed to creating products for baby and family that are free from any toxins, packaged beautifully and all at a reasonable price point. The entire line {including cleaning products} can be delivered to your doorstep. That’s what I’m talking about, people! It was really interesting to discuss just how hard it was to begin the business. If you are tackling your own venture and have been met with hurdles and adversity, keep the faith. It took Jessica and her partners a full three years to start the company. Her passion for the company and all that it stands for shines through when she speaks about it.   interview I really could have sat and talked to her all afternoon. She was engaging and intelligent and I have such respect for the commitment she and The Honest Co. have to families, the environment, and most importantly to children. You can hear more about The Honest Co. from Jessica herself by clicking here. I know that Jessica Alba has a fierce design eye and creates beautiful spaces for her and her family. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share with her how I use Just Four Things to help client’s transform their own spaces. When asked which items she would choose from a variety shown to her, she chose the following four items to create a fresh and current look. Thought you would enjoy seeing her selections:   albajour paint // sofa // pillow // rug   I am sort of head over heels for that color combination. And the paint color was the first thing she chose! Beautiful. Many thanks to Jessica as well as The Honest Co. team, Jen and Sarah, who could not have been nicer. I look forward to seeing good things happen for The Honest Co. in 2013.


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    I admire Jessica Alba a lot. Her commitment to the environment and to people using clean and healthy products is inspiring. She truly is the epitome of the saying "be the change you want to see."
    I love her room choices as well. The rug and the sofa are sooo pretty. I am so drawn to colors in that hue.

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    Just Four Things with Jessica Alba… pshh, who do you think you are?! Get it, girl!!!! So, so cool you got to meet and chat with her. She's a BabyCenter blogger, as well, which is super cool. PS. LOVE that sofa. PPS. The ad on your sidebar is for the upcoming NKOTB/98 Degrees/Boyz II Men concert tour… it's scary how much Google knows what I like…. : )

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    What a great opportunity to interview Jessica and fun! She seems like a sweet and very down to earth woman. I'm a fan of that color combination. Would love to wave my magic wand and have that couch in my house.

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