Jewelry Storage {Repurposing the Apothecary Jar}

If you have been following me for a while than you may recall seeing my little jewelry area in my bedroom. It’s been really nice having it all in one organized spot. I showed much of it here. Well my darling sister, Kristin, hooked me up on Christmas with something I had spotted at West Elm when we were shopping together. Originally, I really wanted to use it in my bathroom as it is intended. But once I set it down on my little jewelry shelf, it wasn’t moving! IMG_1305 This cute piece is a stackable set of three jars. So if you were to use it in the bathroom you could fill it with cotton balls, q-tips, etc. Here I have some of my favorite necklaces and bracelets.   IMG_1310 IMG_1314 I can’t tell you how much I love this little baby. Here is why it makes me so happy: It doesn’t take up much real estate It holds a ton of jewelry It keeps my pieces dust free I can see what I have IMG_1316 IMG_1322 And a shout out to my sweet mother in law who saw this post and sent me the darling cuff in the above photo. IMG_1327 IMG_1331 My other favorite ways to store my jewelry is in cute bowls, the egg crate and raised up on candlesticks just to vary the height. The picture frame is nice for hanging chunkier pieces on each corner.   IMG_1324   So next time you are checking out bathroom accessories, keep your jewelry in mind! You can go here to see the West Elm stacking canister my sister gave me. Thanks, Kristin!


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    I am not lying when I say that just this morning I was thinking I need to look into cute/lovely ideas for jewellery storage – and then I found you and this post about that exact thing!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gorgeous ideas.


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