Kids Table: Work of Art

Do you ever see an idea in a magazine and almost explode with giddiness because it’s such a great idea? That is how I felt when I sat down with my new People magazine and stumbled upon Mark Held’s idea for a Thanksgiving children’s table. It’s beyond simple . . . but pure genius. The great thing is that it can be adapted for any holiday or celebration. I shopped the house and came up with this in literally ten minutes. After the kids saw it, they couldn’t wait to eat dinner. IMG_7859IMG_7860IMG_7865IMG_7866IMG_7867IMG_7868 So simple, right! I used our Ikea butcher paper roll as the runner and then tossed the children’s coloring tools in some jars and pails. The flameless candles are fantastic for any table that involves children. So the next time you need to put together a kids’ table, consider it turning into a work of art {might lengthen the time they spend at the table . . . which means more time for the adults to chat!}. Linking it Up: Sunday:     Under the Table and Dreaming Monday:    Between Naps on the Porch                     Keeping it Simple                     Making the World Cuter Tuesday:     A Stroll Through Life Thursday    Somewhat Simple                     Just a Girl Friday        The Shabby Nest


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    We did something like this last year for thanksgiving and could barely get the girls to eat, thay loved it so much. It is something we will definitely do for years to come

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    Love how you gave the kid's table some flair! I think adults would secretly appreciate the paper and crayons too – seriously – should I do that for Thanksgiving? That would be kind of amusing with the china & crystal!
    Everything you do is fabulous, Courtney!

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    That is super sweet. I love the idea. I actually know a few adults who would enjoy a table set that way too. I have a few artists in our family and it would be such a fun time sitting around having lunch and everyone coming up with a scene to share.

    Great idea.
    Susan @CluckleBees

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    Thanks! I'm already planning the grandkids' table. But mine will be TOTALLY covered with white butcher paper. I'll try and doll up the crayone holders, but that's about a far as I'll go. It will be their job to "make it pretty."

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    Such a good idea! I even like drawing on the tables at Macaroni Grill when my bf and I go there! I love your blog and the design is really nice too! I am still toying around with my "look"! :)Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    Such a neat idea. i recently saw children's tables at a wedding and thought that was brilliant. The flameless candles are awesome. To be honest, those crayons make ME want to draw!

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