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We all spend an inordinate amount of time in the laundry room, right? So I am a big fan of making the laundry area seem somewhat inviting and dare I say charming. Of course I failed to take a photo of the rather drab and boring laundry room before, but here is a look into the space now. IMG_7105 What I did to add a little bit of charm:

  • folded a piece of black and white damask  fabric over a rod for a valance { it was actually a round tablecloth I found at Homegoods}
  • added upper cabinets
  • hung a rod between the cabinets and the wall for items we need to hang to dry
  • painted the walls from beige to sage
  • dressed up the linen cabinet
  • flowers {they are fake and I am proud of it. not watering flowers in my laundry room. don’t tell anyone}
  • added damask paper to both the vase and the picture frame to tie it all together
  • replaced the light fixture with a brighter one from good old Home Depot

IMG_7107 IMG_7097 My favorite transformation is the before and after of the linen cabinet. It’s a cabinet we bought form Target years ago for our first apartment. I held on to it and am glad I did. It is a great size for this laundry room and is home to our guest towels and extra sheets.  HOWEVER, it would bug me every single time I walked by the laundry room because of the glass door. I could see the miss matched towels and it drove me up the wall. Plus, they always had to be folded perfectly. Here it is before   IMG_7122 So I took a piece of the damask fabric and cut it to fit the door. I simply taped it to the inside. Super fancy! IMG_7110 IMG_7112 So now the towels are nicely tucked inside ready for our guests. And now I no longer have to look at them when I walk by. And I can enlist the help of my four year old to put them away because all I have to do is shut the cabinet door. Better, don’t you think? IMG_7117 IMG_7116 IMG_7105 For more laundry room lovin’ head over here to see what Kristen did with hers at two birds. one blog. It’s adorable. Do you have any fun ideas for “hiding” the messier things around your house? Would love to hear. Linking it up:                     The Shabby Nest                           Just a Girl                          Frou Frou Décor                          Tatertots and Jello                  Under the Table and Dreaming                  I Heart Organization


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    This is seriously Awesome!! I love how you added the damask paper to the frame! I've never thought to do that but now I want to try it- and also wrapping the paper around the vase! I love your laundry room- I bet it makes the chore so much more fun now. Hanging that rod was also a great idea . . .hmmm- now you've got me thinking . . .

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    So cute! Its funny, in my little house, I don't have a laundry room, I have a nook at the end of the hall. I hated the doors so I took them down and hung rich, shiny brown drapes. It is unconventional but it does add color and texture to the hall…..

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    I am in LOVE with your beautiful laundry room!! My room is horrible and covered in dog hair!! But with a family of 6 you are right I do use it a lot, so I should make it look like yours {or at least attempt to}! Great job. {and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!}

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    Love your laundry room revamp! Love the damask pattern you've choosen–awesome!!! I'm your newest follower via Just a Girl blog hop. Hope you'll stop by

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    Absolutely beautiful! I have three boys (7, 6 and 2), and so I do a LOT of laundry, too! I wish I had a "room," but I just have a closet. I would take hints from what you've done here, though, if I had a room to decorate! Great job.

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    Looks great! I love the color scheme you chose. I'm thinking this is next on my plate as well; the cabinets with a tension rod is a great idea for those items you can't throw in the dryer. Love the blog!

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    This is really cute. Isn't it amazing how just a few simple tweaks (other than hanging cabinets) can make such a huge difference. Great job! Happy New Year!

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    Wow, your room is wonderful. Love the black and white damask. Never would have thought to put it on the picture frame and the vase. Well done!

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    Just lovely! It's so beautiful and pulled together! I adore that damask, especially in the frame also, totally brought a smile to my face!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing with me!


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