Let’s Bust Through the Wall, Dear!

Sunday  morning in our house went a little something like this: {over coffee and the newspaper . . . kids peacefully putting a puzzle together}

me:  hey, honey, I was thinking.

him:  oh, no.

me: honey, what??? I was just thinking that since we are taking down the decorations today, we should bust through the storage closet and make it bigger.

him: oh, no.

me: seriously, honey. don’t you think it makes sense. Just think how great it would be to store all of our Christmas stuff back there.

him: {eyes now shut } OH, NO.

FAST FORWARD TWO HOURS!!!!!! While watching the Steelers game . .  . hubby busts through our coat closet {obviously he sees some merit to our need for more storage!} He gets the best husband of the day award. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get the idiot of the day award for not realizing that it isn’t a five minute project. Little did I know it would include dry walling, moving studs, and copious amounts of dust. But in good blogger fashion {and after a push from my girl, Cassie} I decided to let you in on the disaster that is our closet and house right now. I am confident all will be well in a week or two. I hope. IMG_9092 This is our coat closet before. It actually is normally very organized, but for the holidays we pulled all the Christmas stuff out and it sort of became a disaster zone. The way it works normally is that the Christmas décor gets stacked in the back and then I hang that blue sheet in front of it {hiding it} So then it looks like a normal coat closet. Makes sense??? IMG_9094IMG_9095                    My daughter getting way too excited in hopes that she has a new “hide out”. IMG_9097         Busting through the wall begins!!! WOW! Look at all that wasted space!!! Gorgeous! It even wraps around. IMG_9099 And while the rest of you relish in the fact that you have your Christmas décor packed up and put away  . . . this is what I have. Boxes everywhere. IMG_9103IMG_9104            I even get to stare at my son’s blue tree for goodness knows how long. My fault, I know. IMG_9102 So here she is! My first project of the new year. Okay, so maybe it’s my husband’s project. But if I conceived it, don’t’ I get to take credit for it? Stay tuned. Maybe we will just leave the Christmas boxes out until next year. Wish me luck! have you taken on anything way too big lately???? would love to know I have company.


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    It's funny. Today I'll start with my first project of this year and I'm sure, in the middle of this day it looks similar. And I have yet no idea where I should all place :-))



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    Those are the kind of projects that while in the midst of them you keep saying "what were we thinking", but then when they are completed, you keep saying "we should have done this soon, and I'm so glad we did this"! Hang in there!!

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    Heck ya you get the credit : ) Can't wait to see the finished product and I can't believe how much space was back there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Tuesday!


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    Anytime I start a sentence with "I was thinking" my hubby immediately goes into freak out mode. As for the idiot award, that's me in pretty much EVERY project we do! I NEVER think anything is going to be as involved as it is. If it makes you feel better, all my Christmas decor is still up.

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    Good for you, Courtney! You are going to be so thrilled when it is all finished. I think that was a great idea. Hang in there unitl it's done. My husband reacts the same way whenver I say, "Honey, I was thinking….". The end result is always so worth it though.

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    No big projects like this one, but would love to have hubby tackles some. Not happening though so I just keep putting them on my Someday List!!! I think this is brillant and that is a whole lot of wasted space behind that wall, You are a genius to think this up in the first place. I wish I had some hidden storage to find. Kathysue Goodluck to YOU!!

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    That's going to be great use of that space! Such a good idea. And my husband reacts the exact same way when I say "I have an idea" or "I've been thinking" too!

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    Ohmygosh, gross. I can't believe you posted this?!??!

    :) I'm totally kidding! I love it! Thanks for the peek, and good grief that's a big project! How'd you even know there was space behind that wall?!? The craziest I ever get is ripping down old wallpaper without a plan.

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    ha ha what a crack up! What a delight it would have been to pop in on you during the mayhem today….. such a rare moment! You will be thankful when it's complete i am sure and it will be worth looking at the boxes until valentine's day. if it were me, they'd be outside in the garage stacking up to the ceiling while the project drags on. good luck w/ the home improvements!

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    Um I love this! So typical of designer gals…"I was thinking we should…" And immediately the eyes start rolling! What a great project to kick off the new year. And what a great husband to help! (and do most of the work! hehe)

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