Linen Closet Makeover: Guest Ready

I am inspired to clean out and clear out in the new year. There is something about taking down the Christmas things and experiencing a bare home. Doesn’t it all seem so empty once you put it all away? And I LOVE it. It seems to be contagious as it encourages me to start going through nooks and crannies in my home. I started the year off with a before and after of a linen closet for Jen’s readers over at I Heart Organizing. linen4 IMG_1199 You can check out all of the details here and see how I made the top cabinet “guest ready” for anyone who pops in. I will also show you the dreaded before photos! It all was very simple and I never left the house or purchased a thing to make it happen. I feel very lucky to be a part of the I Heart Organizing team and you can see more of my guests posts right here.   IHeart Organizing


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    Love it! You did a great job…can I come stay at your home? I enjoyed all the little details. How do you keep the kids out of here? I feel like every time I get a linen closet organized, some little hands go looking for something in particular and it never lasts! Thanks for sharing this inspiration for something that's already on my to-do list!

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