A Little Lampshade Change Up

Some projects are big and some are quite small. This is one of those tiny ones {a five minute project} that I love to check off the list. A while back I added some ribbon to a lamp in our master bedroom. I was also inspired by my friend Carmel’s lamps in her dining room. IMG_7072 The lampshade in my living room was really bugging me because the shade color is so close to the wall color. It’s a little tough to see in this photo because I had the light on {big no-no, I know}. IMG_4837 So I whipped out the trusty old glue gun and some black grosgrain ribbon and the trim was done in five minutes. I just placed one spot of glue on the seem, wrapped the ribbon around, cut, and glued the two ends to each other. I can very easily remove the black ribbon if I need to. IMG_6755IMG_4830IMG_6757 Do you spy my new design books from Santa on the side table? This nightstand turned living room end table also doubles as my downstairs office. I hide away my laptop and inspiration binders in there. The room gets great morning light so that is where I like to do most of my blogging and design boards. IMG_4819 Next up is lining the back of my built ins with a fabric. What to choose?? How about you. Any five minute projects lately? For more quick and easy ideas you can check out these: Quick and Easy Projects


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    Love the addition on the ribbon! Super easy, but makes a great statement. I recently purchased some of the same decor books as well. Been doing little 5 minute organizing here and there.

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    i love the ribbon and i love when small projects make big impact. i posted about a lampshade makeover today and our lamps are pretty similar. mine took longer than 5 min, but it was mindless work.

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    Love that. I'm really into black and white stripes these days, so maybe I'll have to find something to add stripes to!

    If you're ever w/o a topic, I would love to know your favorite design books. I want to buy some (of course with great pictures), but I'm not sure where to start. Just a thought!

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    Hi Courtney, I just found your site today and LOVE it!!!!! You have so many great ideas and none of them look too difficult or complicated for this beginning DIY'er. I cannot wait to start some of the projects I have found here. Thank you so much for posting all of these beautiful projects and tutorials and keep on inspiring.

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