A Mother Daughter Tea

The second annual mother daughter tea party was such a fun day.  My almost five year old has very clear visions of what she wants { that’s supposed to be a good thing, right?!} so she was a huge part of putting everything together. She is all about the projects just like mommy so half the fun is the preparing. Here is a look at what the party looked like. IMG_9822 The color scheme began with fabric we picked out. I used the stich witchery trick to make a runner for the table and the buffet. I like the idea that I can reuse the fabric for pillows in my daughter’s room. IMG_9727 IMG_9700 Scrapbook paper and my Silhouette helped to make the napkin rings. The same tags were tied to the cookie wand party favors. IMG_9763 Cookie wand party favors. You can read more about those here. IMG_9720 Espresso cups were used as tiny tea cups! I wrapped a bit of the scrapbook paper around each one to give them a pop of color. IMG_9817 IMG_9730 I had bookmarked this tutorial from Sew Sweet Stitches on making pom poms months ago! I knew it would come in handy. IMG_9737 Mini cupcakes were served up for dessert. IMG_9740 For the tiered dishes I just stacked white plates on top of a candlestick. With the addition of flowers they were good to go. I wrapped the same scrapbook paper around soup cans to host the daisies.  The daughters ate yogurt parfaits, fruit, tea sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and cupcakes. IMG_9746 We couldn’t forget the mommies! So they had their own dessert tray as well as wraps to eat {Wraps work well when you are busy walking, talking, and watching over your little one}. IMG_9749IMG_9751IMG_9759 Yogurt parfaits sat at each of the little girl’s places. They are easy to make {yogurt, granola, and fresh strawberries layered} and work well for all ages. We had a span of infants in the arms of moms all the way up to five year olds. IMG_9768 The little girls came into a room with a coloring table and a peppermint scented play-doh table.  I couldn’t resist this play-doh self portrait made by one of the little guests. Too cute. IMG_9789 And of course we never think to take pictures until the end of the event . . . so here is a very tired mommy and daughter looking straight into the sun {in her fancy tea party dress of course!}.  tea  party wrap up!   2011-02-20 I am impressed if you made it to the bottom of this post and survived all of the pictures. We had such a great day and I was anxious to share with you. Sharing this party with: Polly Want a Crafter A Stroll Through Life Just a Girl


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    Wow Courtney it all looks so pretty and a lot of attention to detail. How funny I just made my first pom poms (in second last post) for my daughter's birthday. They are so effective and really make the room pop! Lovely photo of the two of you. Both beautiful! I like the table runner especially. Sonia x

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    Courtney, It looks awesome! I love how thoughtful all the little details are. Your princess is sure lucky to have you as her mom. I know she was probably just thrilled! I love all the flowers…so pretty. You rock (:

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    Courtney, this looks amazing! I've been thinking about having my own high tea party, and you've given me some fantastic ideas! I'm sure all the little girls felt like princesses :)

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    Making memories. My daughter and I used to have a "tea party" every Tuesday morning before she went to afternoon kindergarten. It's one of my most precious memories. I'm sure your daughter will always remember the time and attention you put into making her mother/daughter tea parties so special.

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    Everything looks absolutely perfect! I love that fabric you picked out and that tied everything together!!!!!!! Love all of the flowers and the parfaits are a nice touch :)

    Good job girl! You nailed all of the details!


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    Awww…that brings back so many memories. What a fabulous party. I know she is so thankful to have such a sweet mommy!! My girls STILL talk about all the "teas" we threw when they were little. You will be glad you had them.

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    Courtney – how sweet! I love all the details you put into entertaining! So pretty and fun and I'm sure your daughter will love looking back at these pictures when she's older!

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    What a charming tea! Love the colour scheme and the food! I often use plates stacked on candle holders too; makes for a cute tiered dessert or sandwich plate. You and your daughter look adorable together in the photo.


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    I love all the pictures!!! so much I love about this…the chipper fabric, your soup cans, the strips of scrapbook paper, the parfaits!!! Where is a pic of the hostesses?!?!?!

    are you using real glasses for your parfaits? I'm doing them for sloan's bday party and haven't found the right thign for them yet. Great tea — I hope I'd have been invited it I were close. I can put on my lady hat..sometimes…for an afternoon anyway!

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    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!
    'Mother Daughter Tea'Is this just an idea you have come up with yourself? So beautiful and what a wonderful way to spend time with your daughter. I have a 5 year old also who would just LoVe to do something like this. Lovely picture of the both of you at the end too.

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    You and your daughter are beautiful and what a lovely photo of the two of you. I think the tea is such a wonderful idea – a very specail time for a mother and daughter. All of your decorations are so pretty in the pink and the food looks yummy. I love the fabric you used for the runner! I would say your daughter has a future ahead in party planning!

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    Your both so beautiful, I love the pic, perfect for a pic frame. What a lovely party, everything is so femenine and sweet. Such memories your building for her…I do this with my 2 granddaughters, Victoria 6,7 yrs. old and Cayetana 4. Come visit, I'll be delighted if you do, I'm your newest follower… (you'll probably find them in Little girls Valentine's.)


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