Mudroom Progress

To call it a mudroom is a bit of a stretch, but I like the term! Our little coat closet clubhouse hasn’t been functioning too well. So I jumped in to make some changes and now it’s officially a mudroom/playroom for the kids. While they still like to play in the space, it really serves as the go to spot before and after leaving the house. It’s a lifesaver. After falling in love with some fabrics and finding a bench from Kohl’s it is starting to come alive. Here is a little bit of the room as well as a tutorial on covering the bench cushion and a ten minute pillow project. IMG_0145 I scored the bench for $75. I was really happy with that as the space can only fit a certain size and I was about to make the hubby bust one out for me. He was thrilled when I brought this home. It’s a solid piece and is made really well. I liked that it came with the cushion that I could easily cover. Every time the kids come in or out of the house, they plop down here, take off their shoes and put them in their buckets. IMG_0146 The blue and white fabric is indoor/outdoor so that it can wipe clean. Here is a quick tutorial on recovering the cushion easy style!!! I pick and choose my projects. Keeping in mind this is a children’s mudroom bench inside of a closet, I busted out the glue gun! Don’t judge. It was quick and painless. My kind of project. IMG_0103IMG_0104IMG_0105 I literally just wrapped it like a present. The indoor/outdoor fabric has such a nice weight to it so it was easy to do. Anywhere I would have sewn a seam, I simple folded over and glued with the hot glue gun. IMG_0106 This is the under side which will never show so the pattern did not need to match up. IMG_0107IMG_0108 And that’s it! Sorry about the blurry shot. It was the only one I had snapped. IMG_0109 For the pillow, I cut two squares of fabric 17 1/2 ‘”. I pinned wrong sides together and marked 1/2” with a pencil. I always like to write that on the fabric so I don’t make a mistake when heading over to my machine. {Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the fabric. I had picked it up at Home Fabrics and they no longer are carrying it. If anyone out there knows the name, please leave me a comment. } IMG_0111 I made the 1/2” seam all the way around. IMG_0112 When I reach a corner I sew in an arc. That way you avoid the really pointed corners on the pillow. I like them to be a bit rounded. I  tried to show you in the image below but it is tough to make out. Also remember to leave about 8 inches open along one side so you can insert your pillow! IMG_0113 The last step is to iron open the seams, turn the fabric and then stuff the pillow inside! Again, choosing my projects carefully I chose not to insert a zipper. Mudroom pillow = easy and less time consuming route!  So I hand stitched the opening along the bottom. It only takes five minutes to stitch it up. All in all, it was a ten minute project. It would have taken me longer to drive somewhere in the car to search for one. So if you are at all scared of making a pillow, please know it’s a very simple process! IMG_0156 IMG_0147IMG_0149IMG_0150 I picked up these plastic baskets from The Dollar Tree. I am big on the containers that store shoes being able to breathe so these are perfect. And they can easily be washed out if need be. My daughter has one for school shoes and one for sandals/flip flops. My son refuses to wear anything other than his “soccer” shoes {which are just running shoes} so he has one basket for those and one basket that hosts the letters for the magnetic board. IMG_0152 This sweet ABC print is from Couture Prints. I originally bought if for my son’s room, but because the children like to play school in here I thought it was perfect. And the colors are spot on. I matted it with a piece of burlap. IMG_0155 There are just a few more details and touches that were added to really make this space work for us. I will be excited to show you the rest later this week. Happy Monday, everyone!!!!


  1. says

    This is such a great little space for your kids. I love the way you cheated your way through that seat cushion. I am so doing that!

  2. says

    Looks gorgeous Courtney! Love the lattice fabric for the cushion cover and don't worry sister, the glue gun is my dirty little secret too! :)

  3. says

    Hi Erin! It is actually tall enough for me or my hubby to sit there. In fact we get roped into playing school quite often. I just can't stand up in that back part! I will show a wider shot this week. Such a tiny space so it's hard to photograph! :)

  4. says

    Wow! Genius idea on hot glueing the fabric for the bench cover! I will definitely be stealing that idea in the future!
    Love the facebrics you chose and the way they coordinate without being matchy matchy!

  5. says

    Your playroom looks amazing, Courtney! How fun it is for the kids. I love the mix of the fabrics and very clever to use a glue gun on the bench cover. Since I don't sew (yet) I think I could tackle that one. I also like your burlap as matting for your frame. I wish I had a space like that when I was a kid!

  6. Beth says

    For those that were wondering about the fabric. . .I've seen it at Joann's. It's called Invigorate by Richloom.

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