No Peeking! The Gifts are Wrapped

My absolute favorite part of Christmas preparation is wrapping the gifts. A little know fact about me is that my very first job {I think I was 10!} was wrapping presents at a tiny little book cottage. My sister, who was in high school, had the legit job there and the sweet owner asked me to wrap pretty packages during the busy Christmas season. Well, some things never change. I could spend all day wrapping. …………………….. time to give IMG_6343 This year I went with a combination of prints and satin ribbon. I used pretty tags from Pixelimpress which I had written about in House of Fifty. I also made my own chalkboard stickers to add simple personalization. IMG_6288IMG_6293IMG_6299 ……………………….what’s inside?   IMG_6300IMG_6312IMG_6313IMG_6318IMG_6320   …………………………no peeking! IMG_6326 IMG_6334 merry christmas……………  


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    I am the SAME WAY! I just love wrapping. In fact, I tell my husband exactly what I want my presents to look like so he can wrap them to my liking:-) This year I looked high and low for the brown paper- and could NEVER find any! They look beautiful!!

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    These are so cute! I have been wrapping my gifts almost the same way for years… in brown craft paper with colorful wrapping paper as an accent! But I have to say, your are much more snazzier than mine!

    Happy Holidays!

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    they all look amazing!!! Don't you just love pam's tags??!! I won a few sets last year, and used all the red ones since it was 'color' then. I was thrilled to find all the pink leftover ones this year! This post is really cute…I love all the extra color!

    i hope this week has been grand for you!

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    Your presents looks so so pretty! I love the chalkboard tags, the paper, the ribbons, and how you labeled some of the tags (with their initials). Great idea!

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    Oh my goodness, who knew I could get so much pleasure from looking at wrapped presents. They are like little pieces of art! Love love love this, so inspired to go that extra mile with my wrapping this year!

    Happy holidays to you and your lovely family!


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