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I think it is safe to say that most of us are knee deep in organization. There is something about the new year that brings about a need to purge and simplify. As many of you know, I transformed our coat closet into a children’s clubhouse. You can see the full post here. And some of you asked about where the clubhouse is located. Here is a shot looking towards our back door.  I have made a few updates since last posting about it. IMG_9295 While pregnant with both children, and after they were born, the song I sang to them everyday was, “You Are My Sunshine.” I still do to this day. This song is do dear to our hearts as we came close to losing our daughter when I was 24 weeks pregnant. A day didn’t go by that we didn’t sing it to her. So I knew it had to go up in their happy little space. I used Microsoft Publisher and Suzy’s Hand {font} to create it. IMG_9296 IMG_9297 In making the clubhouse, we lost a shelf that became the dumping ground for most things I needed to grab in a hurry when getting in and out of the door. Luckily, the clubhouse serves as a mini mudroom for the children. They have their shoes, socks, sweaters, and even art supplies in their clubhouse. Perhaps I am the last woman on earth to hang one of these pocket organizers on her door. Where the heck have I been? The sad thing is that I have one in my master closet that hosts my scarves, but I never thought of putting one downstairs. I am in LOVE. Seriously. IMG_9311 IMG_9301 This thing is amazing. Since it hangs on the door it takes up very little space. Mine is from target and I love the way it hangs on the hooks. With 24 pockets at my disposal, I am in organizing heaven. I made the labels cutting circles on with my Silhouette. Then I just glued them to some cute paper I had on hand. For now, they are attached with clothespins. If I find something better to attach them with they will be easy to switch out. Now normally, my type A personality would have had me printing labels on the computer. But I was one step ahead of myself this time! I have the pen and extra labels in one of the pockets. That way if I add something new, I can immediately label it. IMG_9302 IMG_9305IMG_9306 Here is a list of some of the things I keep in there {it is quite a potpourri}

  • extra sunglasses
  • tape measures
  • packing tape
  • wire for projects
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • sunscreen
  • sun hats
  • gloves
  • video camera
  • crayons to grab to take on the go
  • restaurant activities to keep the kiddos busy
  • receipts

Now as the mommy in the house, I get the distinct privilege of knowing where everything is. What I love about this, is now even the hubby knows where to grab something and more importantly, where to put it back! I also like that if my mom pops over to watch the kids or if we have a sitter, they can grab whatever they might need to help the kids get in and out of the house easily. IMG_9308   IMG_9314 Best part . . . there are still empty pockets! There is something very calming about having extra space! So maybe I am the last to discover having pockets by my back door, but that’s okay! I may be slow to catch on . . . but I am organized!  IMG_9312 What about you? Are you one of the ones hiding this secret from me? Do you have a great organization tip for the little things that pile up? Sharing this with: Somewhat Simple


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    It's lovely! And so cute…I have You are My Sunshine wall art in my living room in Seattle, because it's always gray here, let's be honest. Hoping for sun in the forecast for tomorrow, though (: The closet is so organized and spotless…I bet you're loving it, Mrs. Organized Queen! XO

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    Courtney, I have one one of those only mine is the clear plastic kind. Yours is much prettier and I love your labels. Ours is hanging in the linen closet outside the bathroom and I use it to hold extra soap, flat irons, sunscreen, batteries, cotton balls, etc. Such a handy piece.


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    Love the You are My Sunshine print!! So sweet. I love how you used the over the door organizer. And no, you weren't alone…I don't own one either. Love the labels you made!!

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    Love it all! I have an "out the door drawer" in our kitchen island, filled with similar things. It's always a mess when the kids dig in. I like this option a lot! I just wish I had a door to hide it behind. Hmmm…you have my wheels turning. The clubhouse is darling!

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    Love the over-the-door organizer and think the clothespins work just fine, but if you want something different, maybe those cute little Velcro stick-on dots would work.

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    I never realized the full potential of the pocket organizer. I am really impressed. I actually think I need to immediately get one and put it on the back of my master bedroom closet. I have lots of scarfs and hats that could use a new home.

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    What a great idea! Those shoe organizers really are helpful, we got ours from Target too but I don't like the way it hangs… maybe because it is stuffed full of shoes… but your idea is awesome!

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    I love your tucked away storage area! My nephew calms down at the first sound of "You are my sunshine" Such a sweet idea to make wall art from it!

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    Ahh I love it all girl! The sunshine print is adorable. That closet looks amazing, congrats! P.S-I would love to see a picture of your staircase…I saw a tiny portion of the bottom half with the molding, and would love to see how yours is done as I'm gathering up some inspiration for mine. :)

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    Very cute! You are not the last person to have one either. I have NEVER thought about using one for storage. Thanks for the idea. Now that I am having to organize my kids playroom I am in need of ideas. And this will be perfect for the little things.

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    OMG!!! This is genius. I am heading to Target right now. I finally have found a solution that will work. Thanks for sharing and I hope you don't mind me passing it along on my blog. I just love sharing a great thing.

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    Such a sweet song- I think we all know and love it. I actually received the print I ordered of that song today in the mail! Your new organization system is perfection- and the labels are so cute! You are really keeping your household together!

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    Great idea Courtney! Love how organized you are! And the song is just adorable – how can someone not be happy in that space? I bet you anything your kids will be singing that song all the time just knowing that those words are up there. So cute!

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    I'm so glad you turned this post into organzation heaven because I was totally choked up on the first half!!! hugs to the precious babies!!!

    I think I need to create some sort of back door mudroom spot…i don't have one of those door hangers, but yours looks like a nice, sturdy one! "Look honey, and when you take the kids out to eat, just grab a toy out of this pocket! But be sure to put it back in the pocket labeld 'restaurant games'" 😉

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    That print is so sweet. I love that font (and love the pink)! Those pockets are amazing — what a great idea! That space is wonderful all around!

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    What a sweet post, Courtney and I got emotional reading it. What a blessing your daughter is and the song is precious and so close to your heart. I love that song, too. The organizer is perfection! Nice job with your pretty labels. You are really helping to keep me organized!

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    Girl you are making me tear up!!! Don't do that to me. I sang that song to my babies as I walked them around the house trying to get them to sleep and I ALWAYs teared up while singing it every time I sang the "please don't take…" line. Now you have given it a whole new meaning to me. Kiss those babies and hug them tight. Because before you know it they will be off to elementary school like mine.


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    Oh my goodness. Where have you been all my life?

    First of all – adorable and genius.

    I have three children – 9,7 and 6. (Yes, I'm crazy and busy. :)

    I do my very best to stay organized…it's a never ending battle.

    LOVE, LOVE that framed "You are my Sunshine." My mom and dad used to sing that to me and now I sing it to my kids. :)

    I'm off to read every post now… :)

    Sophisticated Steps

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    I love your blog, and love the striped walls. Somewhere (here? Cottage & VIne?) I saw a post about a bedroom (yours?) with the same sateen stripe effect on the walls. Do you think it works on textured walls? It looks good in the hideout…and perhaps that's a stupid question as every wall in the world these days seems to be textured, but where I grew up all the houses were old and all the walls were plaster. This texture thing continues to throw me at 38.

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    I have seen other organizers talk about the benefits of shoe organizers but YOU helped me "get it"!! Heading to the store on the way home from work!! THANKS So much!! I recently saw a post somewhere about using one in the car on long vacations–considering that since we are driving with 4 kids from SC to TN & back!!

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