Organized Laundry Room

I have mentioned before that my laundry room is a bit of an office for me. I use that term loosely, but I definitely use this space for more than just laundry. It’s a bit of a one stop shopping spot when it comes to wrapping gifts, writing out cards, and hosting craft supplies. laundry ……………wrapping supplies You can read more about how I organize my ribbons here. IMG_1207   IMG_1208 When I added the shelf above the dryer, it made a world of difference. I am able to keep all of my markers and scissors in one spot. I am sort of addicted to stationery and cards {in fact I used to sell personalized stationery many lifetimes ago}. It’s always nice to keep everything in one spot. I also have learned to keep a sheet of stamps in this spot as well. IMG_4228   IMG_9367IMG_9370 ……………………upper cabinets Many moons ago before I had a blog, I used to stalk Chris from Just a Girl! Now I am so honored to call her a friend. One of the very first posts I read of hers was about her laundry room and how she organized it. I immediately knew I needed to incorporate the mini baskets as well as the shelves placed so close together. The lack of wasted space is genius. Here is one of the first photos I saw:   IMG_2928 {just a girl}   I actually created these little baskets soon after reading Chris’ blog post. They have stood the test of time and have remained organized and super useful for not only note cards and gift tags, but for those tiny foam stickers my daughter loves to use.   IMG_9390IMG_9391   IMG_9394 More supplies for letter writing IMG_9376 Other supplies I often used are tossed into these plastic bins. They may not be a pretty picture inside, but they are sorted and labeled and that is all I need. In fact, I pulled this sewing bin down just yesterday to sew a button back on my daughter’s dress. It’s just nice to have everything in one spot.   IMG_9396   baskets So that is a peek into my laundry room “office!” Thank you to Chris for inspiring me to get organized like this. What about you? Do you like to keep all of your wrapping & letter writing supplies in one spot?


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    Ah, there's nothing like an organized laundry room! This post is so inspiring! I'm hoping to get to the point where I can walk into my laundry room and not cringe 😉


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    I have always loved your laundry room. I am fortunate to have a new room in the basement to keep my supplies, but am hoping to make it more functional and pretty when I have some extra time this fall (a new empty nester needs projects 😉

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    I love your organized laundry room. Now I need to follow your tips and get some pretty bins and label them. Fun little dog bin! What kind of dog do you have?

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    Gah! I'm famous! You are so sweet to me. How do I even choose a favorite? The damask tins? The blue tags? Wait…the font on those labels! I can't. It's all perfection. Good girl, Courtney!

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    My heart is racing! :) I really like how your laundry room is multi-purpose, you are so smart! <3 Great use of space, and every last detail is accounted for. You. Are. Amazing.

    Have fun on your trip! <3


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    Oh, C, I am so jealous! I still have the itch to redo our laundry room to something this fabulous, but of course don't want to invest the time if we're moving. Until then, I'll just drool over how beautiful and organized yours is! : ) Have a great weekend away! xo

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    (stationery = paper
    stationary = standing still)

    I do love your cheerful laundry room/office. It is pretty and a great mulitfunctional room. :-)

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    Hi there! I love your laundry room! I see how you've organized your ribbons but what about the wrapping paper and those gift bags that come in all sorts of sizes? I needed some ideas on how to store those in a neater way.

    Hope you can help!

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