Our Colorful Christmas Tree 2012

If you follow my blog than you know that we decided to embrace color this year. Back in October, I designed a tree for Home Depot that was much more neutral. The children, however, won me over with their pleas for more color. And I get it. It’s been a blast incorporating fun pops of color throughout the house this season. The tree is no exception. We kept it simple. No major touches other than fun striped bulbs, a mix of bright colors, and ornaments that have been around long enough to tell a story or two! They are the ones that are so special to unwrap each year and seem to take on a life of their own when placed on the tree by the kiddos. Most of them are down low where they can reach!     0605_new On the side table near the tree, we kept the color palette simple with the use of red and green. I wrapped up books that were already laying around. Speaking of, I even wrapped up the book I am in the middle of reading. What was I thinking? Needless to say it’s one I’ve ripped into already. Candy canes in a wine glass sit in front of a photo of my brother. I matted his picture in fabric from his favorite pants.   0611_new   The tree is sitting in a planter this year which I absolutely love and will most likely reuse next year. The train was from my husband’s grandfather {purchased by his wife for $55 in 1943!} and is a really special part of our family history. 0615_new 0635_new 0630_new 0639_new The photo above is my favorite because you can really see how the colorful tree plays off of all of the other splashes of color around the room.   0642_new 0647_new And here is the view of our cozy tree at night. It’s simple and meaningful to us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I will be linking up the tree over at Megan’s. Come check out all of the inspiration over there! What about you? Is your tree trimmed? Do you go all out or keep it simple?


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    Everything looks so pretty and festive!! I can't wait for your Christmas morning coffee cake!!! The sweet pic of your brother, with his special matte, is killing me….that is so sweet, C, I know you love having him close, especially this time of year. Wow, run-on sentence much!!!?? and your photos are gorgeous! You're going to have to do a tutorial like Megan! Wait, maybe not. 😉

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    ahhhhhhh…….what would i give for a hot adult beverage and a seat around your tree with a good book (and even better company)??? this post just gave me the warm fuzzies. and i am positively verklempt over your beautiful (and beyond special) picture of Tim. I can see how you wouldn't have your holiday decor any other way. Such a special room for sure.

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    I love so many things about this post… first of all, I can't believe you wrapped up a book you were reading, that is totally something I'd do : ) Second, LOVE the planter. Such a good, easy idea. And way prettier than most tree stands. Finally, the train… we have GOT to get one for little H once he's old enough. I am sure your kiddos are in love with it!! Great job on the tree, momma!

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    So so beautiful. Love the bright colors and your photos are fabulous. That is so sweet that you matted the photo of your brother with fabric from his favorite pants. Very special and meaningful Courtney. And, what a treasure the train is.

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    I've been really into neutral trees for the past several years… but I'm loving this color! I like that it's still very clearly Christmasy. I just can't get on board with Christmas color schemes that totally leave out red and green!

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    Your pictures are gorgeous! And I love all the bright colors. Last year I had a super neutral tree, but this year I am seriously digging more untraditional colors that are still super festive! This is exactly what I mean! 😀

    Stopping by from the Tree Link Party!

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