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First and foremost, a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who sent such sweet messages yesterday as we were spending time honoring my brother’s memory. They meant more than you can imagine. It is ingrained in blogger’s brain to take great “before” shots.  I followed through on that code of conduct and took  before shots of a space in my bedroom. But alas, I have searched high and low and in every file folder imaginable and somehow they are gone. So today I am only able to show you after photos. Not the same impact, but believe me when I say this little spot was a disaster. My hubby can attest to that. Do any of you have some built in cabinets in a room or hallway that tend to collect junk? Constantly? We have such a spot as you walk into our master. The storage is fantastic, but the top area always becomes cluttered. I knew I needed to give the spot some purpose. I find that if I have one single purpose for an area it remains clean most of the time. So I decided to turn this spot into a jewelry station for myself. It’s near the master closet and bathroom so it’s a perfect spot to pause and grab a bracelet and my watch and head out the door. IMG_8130 The fish is totally random, I know. I picked him up at HomeGoods one day. No matter where I went in the store he seemed to keep catching my eye so I had no choice but to scoop him right up and bring him home. The monogram art work I made here {Megan had inspired me on that one!}. The photo is my daughter the first time we let her walk around in the sand. She LOVED it and headed for the water the whole time. It’s one of my favorite photos. IMG_8131 The accent color in our master bedroom is a tangerine/coral hue. I picked up this wrapping paper at World Market. Have you seen their gorgeous papers? They are extremely heavy . . . almost cloth like. If you are looking for a cheap and beautiful way to dress any wall, I highly suggest you check out their papers. They are frame worthy and make great art. For this space, I just used thumb tacks in all four corners after measuring the paper to fit. I like that it ties in the other pops of coral and is a much prettier backdrop. IMG_8146IMG_8153 I also picked up two items from Anthropologie. The egg dish and the bowl are two of my favorites each time I walk into that store. This was a nice spot to incorporate those pieces to hold my everyday jewelry. My other costume pieces are hanging in the cabinet above. IMG_8139 IMG_8137   IMG_8138 Inside the upper cabinet I used a cork tile from Target. They come with sticky squares to use to adhere it to the door. I then used thumb tacks to hang my necklaces from. IMG_8163IMG_8165 Here is a look while walking into our master so you can see exactly where this little spot is. Off to the left is a built in upper and lower cabinet and now I have my little girly girl spot to put my pretty things! IMG_8150 IMG_8153 What about you? Do you have a spot that is getting clogged up with clutter? Giving my clutter spot one single purpose has changed everything.


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    Beautiful space and you're right – the fish just works! Sometimes, we don't know why, but a piece simply works in a space and it just all comes together. Love the use of the egg dish, and the other Anthropologie bowl. They've recently come to the UK, and I am delighted to be able to get an Anthropologie fix without having to get on a plane! Love your blog AND your style – will be back for more.

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    Wow, what a lovely space you've got there. And the color palette is perfect! I have a revolving jewelry cabinet that sits on top of my dresser. Each door has a mirror and opens up to reveal lots of storage inside. My husbands grandmother gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. Problem is, Im outgrowing it!
    PS-Im drooling over your pearl/flower necklace up above. Thats gorgeous!

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    This looks great! I LOVE the fish!! I have a couple outside by the pool. I have a desk area that is a catch all. I'm in the process of turning it into a bar area. Maybe if I have decor on it "stuff" that doesn't belong won't end up there.

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    Great solution! :) I recently did something similar with an organizing client and her daughter. I like the idea of adhering the cork to the inside of a cabinet.



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    I'm so glad that you had a good day yesterday, I was thinkin' about ya! And I love this little girly girl space! I don't think the fish is random, he's fab (c: And that is wrapping paper??? It's completely amazing! What a great little trick to punch up the color factor!

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    You are a lucky lady to have that little nook! It's perfect as a girly spot, and love how you keep everything in pretty bowls!

    Hubs just did a little hardware switch out for me…but did I take before shots?! NOOOOO! why?

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    I have almost the exact same type of spot in our master and YES it is such a pile magnet! I love what you've done here…I may attempt to tackle our space soon too – thanks for the inspiration!

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    Very pretty and so beautifully organized! Don't you love that egg crate! I bought one and it holds all of my earrings. The fish is great! He adds a touch of whimsy. Glad you had a special day yesterday as a family.

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    Love your jewelry station! I have a bedside table that has lots of small drawers in it and it is perfect to store jewelry. I use desk drawer organizers that I line with felt to keep smaller pieces like earrings and bracelets, and larger pieces are laid out in drawers lined with fabric. The framed monogram art is now on my list of must do projects!

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    Hello Courtney,

    It looks great.

    Love the mirror frame around that sentimental photo.

    I don't know why but I'm picturing that cork that you have your jewelry hung on-in white…you could be rubbing off on me.

    Enjoy your day!

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    Your blog is my favorite! I find so much inspiration from you and it always seems I have the same things on my mind. I've been looking for a small tray to stash my everyday jewelry for weeks, but haven't had luck. Maybe I need to check Anthropologie. Can't wait to see more of your bedroom. We are almost done with our makeover too…your curtains inspired me too!

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