Pop Rocks: A Birthday for Grandpa

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was still recovering from our big birthday bash. We celebrated one of the most important people in our lives . . . my dad. He is an amazing man and the grandchildren are so lucky to have such a loving and kind papa. I have always called my dad, Pop so it seemed fitting to throw him a “Pop Rocks” party. My children had a blast coming up with fun things to carry out the theme. And not only does my dad rock, but he has actually been this family’s rock and for that we are extremely grateful. It really was a wonderful night of being with family. Much needed.   birthdaybash a thoughtful place   For the table I used a combination of white, teal, and lime green. The chevron fabric is from Hobby Lobby. I bought three yards and simply used the fuse tape to hem the ends. Then I folded it in half and placed it on the table. I am into using much wider runners now so that all of the glasses can fit nicely on the runner. I also like the larger pop of color down the center of the table. Many store bought runners can be very narrow and a bit wimpy on the length. With the leaf in the table, I really need a substantial runner. By only using fuse tape rather than my sewing machine, I can reuse the fabric for anything. birthdaybash a thoughtful place     birthdaybash a thoughtful place   I also picked up the voitves, beads and sparkly doo dads in the owl from Hobby Lobby. The beads and sparkling things {not sure what to call them} were found in the Christmas décor section. Boy do they have some super cute things in their Christmas section that can be repurposed for any time of year.   birthdaybash a thoughtful place   And I really wanted to find teal plates to layer on the white dishes, but alas I could not. So instead, I picked up these plastic ones to use for  a pop of color. We used them later in the evening for dessert. The stainless steel chargers are from Crate and Barrel. birthdaybash a thoughtful place The napkins were folded to host a packet of Pop Rocks. Pretty hilarious to hear all three generations sizzling with their pop rocks after dinner. I alternated using lime green and blue around the table. birthdaybash a thoughtful place   In keeping with the “Pop” theme, we had a Popcorn bar for all to enjoy. We have a Ma & Pa Kettlecorn store nearby where you can find the most amazing flavors of popcorn. It was fun for the adults and kiddos to grab different flavors while we hung out before dinner time. I normally have a bench sitting in this spot, for parties I often swap that out for a table that can serve as a place for appetizers. birthdaybash a thoughtful place   While I call my dad, Pop, our kiddos all call him Papa. So to honor him all of the grandchildren {age 4 – 17} explained why Papa rocks. It was sweet to read them all and there is no doubt that Papa is one funny man. All of the kids talked about how he makes them laugh. Quite a great trait to have. birthdaybash a thoughtful place The flavors we had for the Pop Rocks party were Jalopeno, Original Kettlecorn, Salt & Vinegar, and Dark Chocolate. I found the white bags in the dollar section at Target. I printed labels on my computer and backed them with scrapbook paper. I can definitely see doing something similar for a fun movie night birthday party. birthdaybash a thoughtful place The dark chocolate was definitely the fan favorite!   birthdaybash a thoughtful place     birthdaybash a thoughtful place   And because I know you all actually like to see people shots, here is the crew. You know you are a blogger when you only have your zoom lens attached and my hubby was  forced to take two shots to get the whole table. Oops. I am on the right with the blue necklace sitting next to my amazing brother in law. Blessed indeed to call this clan my family. pop family1 So that is how we spent our Sunday! I wish we could do this every night. Happy Birthday, Pop. Cheers to family and spending time with people you love. Hope you all are off to a great week! e n j o y   y o u r   d a y {to see other parties I have thrown you can click on the entertaining button underneath my header}  


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    Where do I even begin? I think it is QUITE a reflection of you that you threw such an amazing party for him! I know he must have felt so loved and adored. There's just nothing like the love we have for our dads, is there? You're such a sweet daughter, and it was an incredibly charming party! My birthday is October 9th. You have a week. Just sayin'. :)

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    On Saturday, Riley told her east coast grandma that she was busy helping decorate for her papa's party – she's following in your footsteps, Courtney. She'll be planning your birthday party before you know it!

    Grandma Sue :)

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    Your family is so beautiful Courtney! I love seeing those pictures. You are a wonderful daughter with such a giving heart. I know your dad appreciated this so much. Probably more than he could even say. My dad's bday was last weekend too:)

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    Your family is so lovely, just like YOU! And seriously girl, you throw the best parties! Another reason why I wish you were my neighbor. You think of every last sweet detail, and the theme to this particular party is just as sweet as it gets.

    Love ya!

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