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Just Four Things: Which One Wednesday

It was so much fun working on Melissa’s dining room project with Just Four Things so the series returns with a master bedroom makeover! In case you missed the last installment, each Wednesday I present you with two choices to help design a client’s room. In the end, I will reveal how the room came together and see if your design eye got it right. just4 IMG_2697IMG_1753 As you can see, they have experimented with décor above the bed. Prior to beginning our project, the clients put a fresh coat of paint on the walls { Quiver Tan } and the drapes are down so you can better visualize the space. I love how rich the walls are. But this room needs our love. The clients are not opposed to some pops of color and gravitate towards graphic prints. IMG_4315IMG_4319 I want this to be a place that they love walking into at the end of each day. A master bedroom should be one of your favorite spots in the house. So here is what I plan to do with Just Four Things: the design plan   Bedding Drapes Artwork above Bed New Lamps   Item Number One: New Bedding Our clients prefer a nice crisp white bedding {as do I}. What I love about a nice white duvet cover is that you can infuse personality and color with great fabrics. So the choice is yours. With their newly painted cocoa colored walls and crisp white bedding, what family of fabrics would you use? Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover, Twin, Sandalwood   Choice #1 Image (4)   Choice #2   Image (3) Which one would you choose for this room? Please leave a comment on this post and let’s see which one of the fabric families you would select for Brittany and her husband. {Important to note: All choices presented fit within the client’s budget}. Is your vote for Choice #1 or Choice #2?    

Just Four Things: Dining Room Reveal

For those of you who have been around A Thoughtful Place for a while you know that I started a new series called Just Four Things. just4 The idea is to take a space and with the addition of just four things, really give a home owner the jump start they need to love their space and further their own inspiration. While I am totally and completely excited to show you the reveal today, I am also sad to see the project come to an end. Melissa and I had the best time working together and seeing which way you, the readers, voted each week for Which One Wednesdays. So without further ado, here is Melissa’s new space. morediningroomcompletephotos2_001morediningroomcompletephotos2_002morediningroomcompletephotos2_003morediningroomcompletephotos2_004morediningroomcompletephotos2_005 I just love this peek into Melissa’s beautiful kitchen. Don’t you! Here is a quick rundown of the sources: mirror: Z Gallerie buffet lamp: Pottery Barn chalkboard frame: DIY project custom drapes: Martha & Ash Chandlier: Jonathan Adler Do you remember she started here. I wanted to make sense of the window above the buffet and unify that wall. Using a large DIY chalkboard connected the window to the buffet and accomplished that. The classic lamp is a choice that will never go out of style and the rest of the buffet is now free to style for the seasons or setup while hosting.    ……………………….. before Dining_Room_pics_016      …………………………after morediningroomcompletephotos2_001 You all voted for the mirror, chandelier, window treatments, and buffet accessories! Great choices as Melissa and I agreed with every single one. What makes me so thrilled is that Melissa and her sweet family are loving the space and have especially gravitated towards the new chalkboard. It’s a place for them to write special messages and share moments together as a family. She has been able to add even more touches to make the room their own. ……………………..test with paint When it came to deciding on the drapes, Melissa was convinced stripes were the way to go but had trouble deciding between two color choices from Martha & Ash. So I had her color match the swatches she was sent with some sample paints. She was then able to paint larger pieces of paper and really see what the drapes would look like. This is a cheap and simple way to test out an idea before making a large purchase. dininingroomcurtain I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Just Four Things! I will be back next Wednesday to introduce a new space that we will be transforming with a few simple additions. just4   Getting some organizing done around here . . . will share soon. Are you cleaning up the clutter?