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Organized Medicine Cabinet

So today I am sharing an update of sorts with you. While I was on vacation with my friends, one of them asked if I ever create a system that just fails. Great question. The answer goes a little something like this . . .yes and no! I always use my systems prior to blogging about them so they are never major failures. Having said that, I have to change them and tweak them all the time. Otherwise, they don’t grow with us as we grow and change. Whether it’s the children getting older or adding more “stuff” to our lives, we are constantly having to adjust. One such adjustment has been our medicine cabinet which I actually keep in the kitchen. I was in need of more space and found it with a simple solution.




Do you remember what it used to look like? It was just four bins and I organized it with $5.


I still LOVE those bins but needed more space. Over time, they were overflowing.

My new makeover cost $9. Each of these bins was $1.50 from the Daiso Store. Have you ever been to one? I hadn’t. It’s a Japanese Dollar store and their storage bins are fantastic.



I shopped the house for some cardstock and cute paper. With a little bit of cutting and gluing we had labels in no time.


Washi tape wrapped around the small white piece of cardstock adds color.






I use my label maker anytime I am too lazy to bust out the computer. It’s just so quick.


I pre-measured the pink bins and found that a 5 x 3 was the perfect size. I used the glue gun to attach the labels to the plastic bins.




I also backed the cabinet with a chevron wrapping paper from HomeGoods. I love this paper because it’s so easy to work with and is easy to attach with a little bit of hot glue.


The reason I chose these bins is because they stack so easily.


I think inside cabinets are the worst areas to photograph. So dark! Sorry for the grainy shots.


And here is a list of what I have in the new pink bins:

  • adult meds
  • lotions
  • bandages {and other first aid supplies
  • supplies {medicine droppers, thermometer, nail clippers}
  • children’s medicines
  • tummy meds {sensitive tummies over here!}

The top shelf still hosts two of the previous blue bins for more adult medications as well as extra coffee supplies.

photo (24)

So that is our newly organized medicine cabinet. I love that we have more space with these stacking bins and things are more specifically labeled.  I also have a list of important numbers and information for babysitters on the cabinet door. You can see more about that here.

Enjoy your day, my friends. Happy organizing.



Organized Junk Drawer: To a New Level

Happy Monday, everyone! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a teaser photo about our new junk drawer. Perhaps I live under a rock because many of you already knew about these amazing {and inexpensive} drawer options. We are taking things to a whole other level, my friends! I was so giddy about using our new drawer organizer on a rainy day that I forgot to snap before photos. Just picture a disaster of a drawer. Not so hard to do! Here is the after.


And I apologize for the grainy kitchen photos. I snapped them with my phone just so you could see which drawer we are talking about.


This drawer is opened ten times a day. I keep a ton of things in here that we use on a daily basis . . or at least weekly. The kids are also allowed to get anything they need form this drawer if they are working on homework or a project.



So the awesome thing about this organizer is that it has a double decker shelving system. The top tray can slide to the front or back so that you are making the most of your drawer height. Genius. I keep everything the kiddos might need front and center and items I might need on a more infrequent basis are in the back.


I always keep little post it notes so I can write the kids a quick note for their lunch bag. The small gift tags are so nice to have handy for quick gifts or treats we may make in the kitchen. Having tags like the ones show are always cute to tie around mason jars.





This back section is accessed when you slide the top tray forward. So it houses things like my camera charger and my speaker charger {which is what I play Pandora through when I am working away in the house}.



I am already spying other spots in the house that I can use one of these double decker trays. I am even considering it for my makeup drawer. If you are interested in scooping  up one of these for your home you can find it here. You can beat the price.

What about you? How is your junk drawer looking these days? I am hoping all of these little compartments help us stay much more organized.



Organized Pantry: Reader Space

I have such a treat for you today! I am very lucky to have pretty amazing clients. I have worked with Sarah to help her design many of her spaces. She has a gorgeous home and she recently created a fantastic pantry for her and her family. It is truly a dreamy space. I am so happy to be able to share it with you today.

Squeal! Sarah knocked this out of the ballpark. I am so envious of the space she has! I have a very tiny pantry {organized here} so this space is just so dreamy. I love the removable wallpaper she used. She found it on Etsy.

The cereal dispensers and the rotating spice rack are calling my name!

And these crates! Yes, please. Sarah shows you all the details on how to make them on her blog {A Little of This, A Little of That}.
You may remember that I created online designs for Sarah and her family. Here are some of the spaces she has completed. I just adore working with her.
Thank you so much to Sarah for sharing her beautiful pantry with us! I am so inspired and wanting to order that wallpaper now! And you can find the above white beds here. I always get so many questions about those! Have a great day!


Friday Eye Candy{Five Before & After Kitchens}

Happy Friday!!! I am so excited for a long weekend. We have cleared our calendar except for clocking pool time and snuggle time. Should be good! We all go nuts for a good before and after and I scooped up some doozies for you this week. Traditional Home featured jaw dropping transformations that I had to share. And my girl Cassie threw down a pretty fantastic before and after as well. You have to check it out.

…………………number one

Hello, gorgeous white kitchen! Come to mama. Wow. Really. It’s all beautiful and I am always blown away with the vision. Those countertops! I even love the butter yellow towel.

…………………number two


I don’t even get it. Is it the same room? So crazy. And how fun are those lights. That island is bigger than my entire kitchen. Dreamy.


…………………number three


In my book you can never go wrong with a white kitchen. But I kept scrolling back up to number one. Isn’t that the same light fixture? I thought it was the same kitchen but there are entirely different floors. That range is calling my name. Loudly.

…………………number four

This is a galley kitchen done right. The level of beauty on those cabinets as well as the gorgeous backsplash!

all images above via traditional home


………………number five

original kitchen


Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Remodel Breakdown

Well, hello good looking! There is my friend Cassie’s before and after! And it’s even in BHG. What what?! So awesome. And I have been in this pretty kitchen and I think it shines even more in person. She did an amazing job.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Remodel Breakdown

photos above via hi sugarplum

Always so fun to look through all of those before and after shots. I study every last detail. Enjoy the weekend with your friends and family. We are looking forward to just relaxing and soaking in the sunny days before they are gone.

Oh, and before I forget . . . big news! I need to announce the winner of the gold dot decals! Woot woot! You can see how I used them in my daughter’s room here. Without further ado, the winner is . . . .

Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}


Congrats, Tiffany. Shoot me an email and I can get your new gold dots to you!


Home Tour from A Thoughtful Place

Thank you for joining me on a tour of our home. This is our safe haven and we so enjoy laughing, cuddling, make messes, learning and creating here. We try hard to savor the mundane and celebrate the extraordinary. Life is crazy hectic, but this cozy home of ours is where we feel most like ourselves. Hope you enjoy.

………..where we relax




IMG_1811 copy

drapesliving roomlivingroomdraperylivingroommagazineslivingroomupdate


……………..where we eat





striped drape tutorial


………….where we cook



  …………powder room



DIY distressed mirror

…………….where we rest



casey grace22







…………….where he rests




casey grace21





big boy room reveal



hallway and marble counterops


……………where she rests



striped dresser. closet organization



inspired by art. lampshades.closet office



gold decals



………….where we play



{more to come}

Thank you for stopping by. Links and relevant posts will be linked to each room shortly.

photgraphy by jylare smith and courtney fernan

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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