Summer Mudroom Update

Some of you may remember when we made over a coat closet into our little mini mudroom. It was probably one of our most loved projects in our home because we use it every single day. It is located right by our back door where we head out each day. I wanted to share with you some tips on swapping out the pocket organizer contents for summer. summer …………………..summer update We are always headed out to ride bikes, hit the pool, or the beach so it really helps to have everything we need for summer super handy. During the cooler months, this is where we keep warm hats, gloves, etc. But for sunny summer we load up the pockets with sunscreen {two pockets full}, extra sunglasses, pool toys {our dive wands & goggles}, and our first aid kit. 2012-07-16 14.41.17 It’s nice to have the first aid kit right here so that if I am grabbing my purse or a beach bag, it can be tossed right in. And since we have already busted it out for a bee sting {twice} we are glad to always have it with us. 2012-07-16 14.41.02 Because the kiddos are getting older, we have eliminated some of the things we used to keep in here such as bags of crayons and restaurant games {that was for back in the day when they needed constant entertainment! So much easier now!}. Here is a rundown of what we keep in our organizer pockets just in case you are ready to swap out yours:

tape measure / blue tape / string / paint supplies  / night light bulbs / receipts / video camera / swiffers / command hooks / flashlights / dry erase markers / extra sunglasses / foot care  / batteries / wipes / first aid / pool toys {dive wands} / sun hats for kiddos / sunscreen / socks for each child

2012-07-16 14.41.08 The mudroom also boasts the children’s shoes, a bench for them to sit on, school bags, my purse, our beach tote, and the family calendar {framed in black above the bags . . . its’ a dry erase just using the glass of a picture frame}. 2012-07-16 14.41.53 I have told you that I have a major love affair with stripes. But I think this mini mudroom is making me look slightly crazy. Stripes on the walls, a striped beach bag, and my striped purse {thanks to the Kate Spade sample sale}. Is there a support group for this type of thing??? Yowzer! 2012-07-16 14.41.56 2012-07-16 14.42.10 So what is so nice is that when we head out, I grab whichever bag is necessary and grab what we need from the pocket organizer. Than when we come back, I unload and put everything back into this organizer. I will say that the other awesome thing about having everything in these pockets is when we have a babysitter. It’s nice for them to know that anything they need for walks to the park is all right there {and we are so blessed to have our niece near by to babysit!}. bags   random tip: if you, or one of your children, have sensitive feet, try keeping powder and shoe tape close to the door. My daughter will only wear flats if I sprinkle them with powder {prevents her feet from sweating} and pretty  much every shoe known to man rubs her foot the wrong way so I keep the soft shoe tape on hand to add a piece to the heel of her shoe if need be. This has been life changing! … What have you done to organize your summer? Do you have a quick tip to leave in the comment section to inspire us? Enjoy your day!


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    Such a great idea to keep the little things organized! I always find bottles of sunscreen, bug spray, etc. get corralled on our kitchen island, which is near our back entrance. I think the labelled canvas shoe organizer would make world of difference in organizing these tidbits. I might just head out today to pick one up!

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    lovely! i use one of those in my coat closet. not as pretty as yours, but super functional. my daughter always had "sock issues" when she was little. kept things….interesting!

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    I love this post, and I love your mini-mudroom. You inspired me to do this shoe organizer thing for small items last fall…but sadly it has looked the same since last fall and it's not very functional for me right now. I'm always looking for something and then two weeks later I find it on the back of that door! This post is exactly what I need to get it back on track. You make my life better, you really do! Congrats on IHeart Organizing, you will bring your impeccable taste and make it a brighter blog!

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    I love stripes too! Every room I walk into I am thinking where I could pop some stripes, lol. Love the changeable labels! So so smart and I adore that it can change as your family needs change!


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