Summer Saver: ABC Scavenger Hunt

I don’t post ideas for children’s activities very often on the blog, but when I come across one that is just genius, I have to share with my readers. My mother in law had ordered some darling things for my children from Kiwi Crate. It was new to me, but they specialize in hands-on activities. She also sent me a link to a blog they have and that is where I discovered the idea for this Alphabet Train. Please check out Kiwi Crate blog for the original idea and post. abctrain Step 1: Have children put out 26 pieces of paper Step 2: Kids search to put the letters in ABC order on the paper IMG_0083 Step 3: Children search the house for things that begin with each letter.   IMG_0091 My favorite was the build-a-bear underwear for “u” neatly folded on the paper! IMG_0095 teamwork Step 4: Laugh and enjoy! Kiwi Crate blog referred to this idea as a Sanity Saver for when you are cooking dinner. Such a great idea. My husband and I actually had the kiddos do it as the after dinner activity one evening. The kids has such a ball. It was so fun listening to them work together and search the house. We kept it on the floor overnight and then they put everything back in the morning {which surprisingly, only took about five minutes}. If you have come across any fun sanity saver ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.  I know so many of us could use some fresh new ideas! ………………. And in other news, I want to announce the winners of the Novica Gift Cards!! Winner #1 novica2 Winner #2 novica1 Please leave me a comment with your email so I can get your gift card to you! Congratulations!  


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    Great idea for little ones! I just posted about homemade chalkboard paint that we made. My girls are doing a self led reading incentive this summer and i let them choose their own rewards, one of which was the chalkboard paint. Its free, easy and kept them both entertained for ar least an hour.

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    Love this!! My two youngest are 5 and 6. They will love this!! And they can get help from the older two who are 10 and 12! Great family activity!

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    So funny, I just wrote a post for next week about indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts. I LOVE this idea of the alphabet! Great for a rainy day when the kids are stuck inside, or when you need a little something to break up a long day! Your munchkins are so cute.

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