Taking Time Off

With the four day weekend, it’s been wonderful just relaxing and playing.  Family from my husband’s side has been here and we’ve so enjoyed spending time outdoors. We clocked some serious beach time this weekend as it is not too far from our home and the weather was glorious. Sadly, we do not see the beautiful white snowfalls that so many of you do. I have been spying beautiful photos on Instagram of snow covered trees. I must say I am envious. But we were thankful to share our sunny skies with my father in law and I captured some fun shots of my son near the water’s edge. My daughter is as adventurous as they come. If she had her way she would have been on surfboard out in the middle of the ocean. Our son, on the other hand, does a great job of dodging the water. Notice he is not even wearing a suit. And if you look close enough, you’ll see his best Reggae dance in the last photo on the strip. Good times. gradycollage And while our son did his best to avoid the water, our daughter ran straight for it every time. riley1   montagepolaroid We’ve also tried to stay unplugged over the last four days. Here’s to one more day of relaxing until real life knocks on our door tomorrow! I did sneak out to shoot some photos of a client’s beach home. Will be anxious to share them with you. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are slowly easing back into Monday! … e n j o y   y o u r   d a y !


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    That looks like a dream. I do love my Midwest snowy days, but I am dreaming of the beach. We will taking a family vacation this summer and my kiddos will see the ocean for the first time ever! What a wonderful weekend with your fam :) xo Kristin

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    I'm over at the beach by the other ocean in Charleston, SC. I used to live in Huntington Beach, CA though and Laguna was my beach of choice when it came to all-day beach outings…I love it there and I miss Orange County so much. I am jealous for sure! We got to spend last weekend at our beach though with the nice temps we had. http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

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