Tangerine Room Makeover: The Closet Office

I’ve been so excited to show you the colorful closet office {or cloffice!} we created for Riley. As you know, she really wanted a desk and a nice, bright spot to draw and create. I think we served up the brightest closet office we could imagine! This part of her closet had originally been toy storage which you can see here. Since we moved it to her room, this space was perfect as a fun little creative spot for her to dream, imagine, study and create. I hope you enjoy the tour.


I may or may not have been caught hanging out in this space once or twice. It literally just lifts my spirits being in this room. And I love that the colors perfectly match Riley’s fun and spirited personality.


Here is a quick peek at what that side of the closet looked like before.


The stars were aligned the day I strolled over to HomeGoods hoping to find something to begin this space. I almost fainted when I saw this little desk. It was the EXACT size I needed. Not only that, but it has really pretty legs and two great drawers for storage. I threw it in my car as fast as I could.


The orange letter box is from The Container Store. I added a brass plate and a flower from her paper bouquet I made here. It’s all about the details and it helps tie everything together.  In the box she keeps personalized notes {back from my days of making stationery}, scissors,notecards, a sharpener, glue, and eraser.




To wallpaper this space, I used wrapping paper that I had fallen in love with at Target. It took just over one roll to do this area. I used a coordinating poppy printed paper to wrap around the closet rod. We chose to leave the rod in tact in case we ever want to claim this space back to hang actual clothes!


And hello, photo bomber! I always have at least one munchkin run through my shots. You can get a peek of the ceiling and her bedding in this snap. More to come on the bedding. I am still working on some pillows as well as the window treatments.


Because we painted her walls white and the room gets plenty of natural light, I was able to really saturate this desk space with tons of color and pattern. Having the white desk still keeps it clean looking and ties it together with the rest of the bedroom.


This frame was originally black, but with three coats of hot pink spray paint it took on a whole new look. I loved the shape and never found one I liked better so I figured painting it was the way to go. The pink trim on the vase and shelf are washi tape.


I will create a post to detail how I hung the wrapping paper wallpaper and the other DIY projects. I wanted to spare you a post that went on for days! In the meantime, here is a list of items in the closet office and where they are from:

The Source List white desk, orange stool – homegoods

glass lamp, wrapping paper wallpaper, mirror, white buckets – target

letter holder – the container store white boxes on shelf – Ikea

flowers in the vase – craft kit posted about here

owl notebook – michael’s

  Thanks for taking the tour!!!! Hope you have a bright and colorful day!


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    This is such a creative use of a closet. The bright colors are so fun, and I love all the little details you incorporated. The closet in our guest room is quite shallow (ie, too shallow to hang a hanger!), and I'm now thinking that we could transform it into a mini-office to better use the space. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    OMG Courtney! I see this in a magazine someday! Mark my words!! This is stunning and I'm sure your sweet girl loves it. :) I also just used Target wrapping paper to line the back of my secretary desk. I love the amazing wrapping paper choices from Target. So many possibilities!

  3. says

    Perfect, except, where does she hang her clothes? Just curious.

    I can't wait for the wrapping paper as walpaper tutorial. I have paper from homegoods that I'm dying to put in my laundry room, but have no idea how to go about doing it.

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    Wow! It's fantastic! I just bought a roll of that same wrapping paper at Target last weekend and never would have thought to use it as wallpaper (although I've used wrapping paper to line bookcases before). Looking forward to your tutorial.

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    Oh I am in love with this! We are in the midst of a room makeover for our 13 yr old daughter… and I lined her drawers with that same paper! We have also been toying with turning her closet into an "office" for her. There isn't much space in her room, so this is ideal!

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    so so so amazing!! you know I love all that color. And seriously, the stars did align for you to find all those perfect orange and pink accents! we may or may not have just done our outdoor room in orange and pink 😉 #greatminds

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    You are a girl after my own heart. Seriously, what's not to love about this, every last detail is amazing. And the colors… so great. Perfect for a growing little lady, I bet she is glowing with happiness. Hands down best cloffice makeover I have seen yet.

    So very inspiring!


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    Ok, I want that work space for me and I'm 26…ha! Seriously, it looks AMAZING! The wallpaper is absolutely perfect and all the details look great! Such a great idea to create a fun little work space in a closet, I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing! xo

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    Wow! I love it Courtney! Such a fun and bright color combination. I'd love to have that space for myself. Wonderful details. You need your own magazine. I would proudly place it on my coffee table. Everything you do is with beauty and class.

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    It turned out so amazing! Love it! The colors are so fun and bright, wrapping paper is perfect for in there. What a fun space for her to have in her bedroom!

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    Brilliant use of space. Love the wrapping paper. I feel like I have been finding many uses for wrapping paper lately!! Its been putting a dmaper on my wallpaper spending:) Love the colors too. And now she has a cute bar to do chin ups with between art projects!! Haha!

    Good work
    House Envy

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    Super cute idea! Just one question. How did you affix the wrapping paper to the wall without any long term damange (i.e..glues, etc)?

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    I was so drawn to that collection of wrapping paper at Target that I planned my daughter's whole birthday party around it! I am really loving pink and orange right now :) Love this space and can't wait to see the whole room!

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