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via Thank you does not seem sufficient. To my family members, past and present, and to all of those who put our safety ahead of their own, we salute you. Happy Memorial Day.


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    Yes, yes & yes. I really wish I could give everyone who has served from our country a personal THANK YOU. My friend's dad, when he sees someone in uniform, will purchase their dinner or groceries. I feel that's a kind way of expressing one's gratitude.

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    I love your statement. Today I went to see my twin sister be the guest speaker at her town's Memorial Day Celebration. She has her own website supporting Veteran's and soldiers posting their stories and pictures of their military experience. I posted about her today on my blog. She is my hero. When we were 19, I was going off to our local college and doing the friend/boyfriend/college thing….she was going off to bootcamp for the National Guard. I'll never forget when my Mom drove down the driveway with her in the car with me staring out our shared bedroom window watching them drive away. Now , almost 20 years later, she's making speeches and writing books and continuing to make a difference to honor our Nation's bravest.

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