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If you have been reading for a while or know me in person, you know I love a great bargain. I am not actually a big shopper, but really try to look for things that are unique or items that have personal significance to our family. I think a home feels much more curated and collected over time if you buy things that really evoke an emotional response. I will admit that when I first started blogging, I was overwhelmed with all of the inspiration and inundation of new pieces, fabrics, and ideas. I may or may not have gone through one million pillows in our family room! But I have settled into a spot where I have a better feel for what I like and stick to things that add value to our space. So when I post about things that catch my eye, I don’t want any of my readers thinking there is pressure to keep up with trends or be buying things you don’t need or love. I simply post these fun things because not only do I really like them, but they are great buys. If you are on the search and one of these fits your style or design budget, I love passing along things I stumble upon. You never know when you might spot the perfect piece for your home. So without further ado, here are a few things that caught my eye this week.   …………………………… fun finds Paulina Reyes Silk Bird Pillow Cover - Green silk bird pillow – sale $24.99 I heart this pillow. It’s one of those pieces that is packed with saturated color and a great pattern. It’s a conversation piece and would add so much fun to any room. The bird has special significance for my family so I especially love this. Source Bench source bench Squeel. This bench rocks. I have a bench with far less personality in our living room and love it. I am especially fond of  a bench like this if you are short on space {like we are!}. It takes up very little room, but allows two people to sit. You can also move it around really easily or add it to the end of a long dining table for extra guests.   Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover & Sham - White Hadley Ruched Duvet This duvet is on sale right now and is one of my favorites. I have put it in a few clients homes because it is light, airy, and white. It goes with anything while still adding texture to the bed. Bhotah Pleated Bed-Skirt, Queen, Blue Bhotah Bed Skirt This print has always reminded me of Lauren’s beautiful textiles {Pure Style Home}. It has an organic feel to it and is such a pretty compliment to a white duvet. Good find and buy. I happened upon a few more deals that are too good to pass up! Anthropologie: Foiled Dot Napkin – Only $4.99 {Was $24} Anthropologie: Midnight Courtyard Curtain – $40 {Was $88} Who knows. Maybe one of these caught you eye as well. Always fun to pass along good deals. Enjoy your day! *Disclosure: Compensated affiliate links used.


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    Crazy town – I just ordered that bench! I've been wanting it forever and didn't want to pay the full price. Had no idea it was on sale!! Thanks for the heads up – now I can get my mudroom project finished up!! Woot!

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    Beautiful roundup! I love a great buy, too! But I know what you mean about buying things that are meaningful–it's so easy to fill our houses up with "stuff" or just follow the latest trends instead of taking the time to select well-chosen, meaningful pieces. Thanks for the great post, Courtney! Have a great day!

    ~Abby =)

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    I love everything you've shown us, especially the bed skirt. I agree that I, too, felt really inspired to buy what was trendy when I first started blogging. Then I was going through some pictures of my home from long ago and I realized that I really had my own style, rooms filled with things that I loved. I think I've gotten back to that and the added plus is, when something becomes super popular, the price goes up. Not so if you know your personal style and shop for what speaks to you.


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    Great finds. I have bench I purchased YEARS ago at a flea market shop I love to frequent (paid $13 for it)…love the way they painted the bottom of the legs!!! I am so glad you mentioned buying what you love and has meaning, rather than trendy or just for a good blog post. For awhile all I was seeing were Sunburst mirrors. Does EVERYONE REALLY NEED ONE? LIKE THEM? After living in our home for 20 years, I am all about living with what we truly love and is useful to us. After all, we are the ones living here.

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