What’s Your Fashion Snapshot, Emily A. Clark?

My sweet friend, Emily, needs no introduction. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Emily during Haven in Atlanta last year. She is just as darling, authentic, charming, and sweet as she is on her blog. She and I have been blogging friends for years now so it was so wonderful to meet in person. Girl cracks me up. This beautiful mama of five is always keeping it real and for that I love her dearly. Let’s welcome, Emily A. Clark. ………… When Courtney asked me to share my fashion snapshot with the world, I had a moment of panic. Apparently, my blog has made me seem way cooler than I actually am—or else she probably wouldn’t have asked me in the first place. . . For those of you who don’t know me, I blog at emilyaclark.com and spend the rest of my time as mom to five kids, ages nine and under. So, if I’m comparing my fashion sense to a room design, I’d have to say that most days, I look like a gym, a man cave or a preschool. A good five out of seven days of the week, you’ll find me in yoga pants, my favorite Kentucky t-shirt and tennis shoes with semi-dirty hair and sunglasses to hide tired eyes, all while running around my yard chasing kids and peeling bananas. It’s the glamorous life. photo1 fashion snapshot But, you know, there are a few occasions when I have to look like a real person, and I try to do my best. If I had to describe my style, I’d use the same three words that I would probably use to describe our home: Comfortable, Casual, Realistic photo2 fashion snapshot I don’t wear things that I can’t breathe in, I’m not a label-chaser, and I’m pretty modest (hence, my love for scarves and turtlenecks!). I like skinny jeans with a big shirt, wearing heels on Sundays, and probably own too many black dresses. I don’t wear a ton of pattern, but do love a good stripe (on my body and on my walls. . .). I prefer to change up my jewelry from season to season and keep my wardrobe pretty basic. And, this is how my style would probably translate into a room: fashion-snapshot-room     photo3 fashion snapshot (Me, with the real fashionista of our family. . .)   Courtney, thanks for inviting me to share my fashion snapshot with your readers and for forcing me to dress up two more times than I usually do in a week for the photos. It’s been real. ……………. Where do I begin. That photo of her and her daughter. One hot mama with the cutest little girl ever. So much personality. I don’t have five children, but I can so relate to the first photo. I spend many of my days at home in the same black pants and loose fitting gray tee. But I have seen this girl in person! Doesn’t come any cuter and she knows how to rock an awesome pair of colorful heels.  think I need to borrow that idea. Emily’s home is overflowing in style while still maintaining that comfortable, casual feel of her wardrobe. I am smitten with her office and her entry. I love her son’s bathroom, too. Thank you, Emily, for hanging out today. Love you, girl. If you missed any other installments, click below. It’s a good time! The Hunted Interior Hi, Sugarplum! Cottage and Vine 6th Street Design School Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers Freckles Chick Honey We’re Home Schue Love A Thoughtful Place


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    Hi Courtney. I am enjoying this series quite a bit. It's a very different approach to just introducing other bloggers on your blog and we are getting to know all of these creative and talented ladies in a fun way. I look forward to these posts and can't wait to see who's up next!

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    What a fun series. I just eat up posts like this! Emily Clark's "look" is exactly what I expected from following her blog. I love seeing each blogger's unique style and personality :)

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