What’s Your Fashion Snapshot, Freckles Chick?

I’m back!! I feel refreshed and so thankful for some time away in the mountains with dear friends. There is nothing that can replace time just being. Do you know what I mean? It is good for the soul and helps remind me that it is our relationships in life that are of the utmost importance and propel us to be better people. 
Speaking of friendship, I am so excited to have the beautiful and witty Freckles Chick here today. She is nothing short of charming, real and oh so talented. Parenting the cutest toddler ever,  it’s always fun to see how she incorporates fantastic style into her life as a busy mama. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, you will fall in love. Freckles Chick, take it away! 
Hello, friends!  When Courtney

invited me to be a part of her Fashion Snapshot series, I was honored because, well, she’s all sorts

of awesome. Then I confused myself for a bit because my personal style is incredibly low-
maintenance & simple…..to the point where it’s almost a non-style. So I’m working that

angle today đŸ˜‰  

When it comes to fashion, I gravitate

to casual & comfortable pieces.  Is it non-fussy & easy to care for?  Sign me

up.  My friends joke that if there’s a way to dress up tees & sweatshirts, I’ve discovered

it.  Jewelry & makeup are usually kept classic & simple.  I prefer neutral colors

over playful patterns; stripes (maaaybe polka dots) are as crazy as I get. Wow, do those daring fashion

facts about me make you want to read on or what?!?  I do consider myself a details diva.

 A bit of lace here, a ruffle hem there, some sparkle on the shoes–those all draw me in when I’m


My style in three words:
The same can be said about my

passion for home decor.  I love a serene home that invites you to relax & looks polished in

an effortless way.  I try to strive for a “collected” look whether it’s dressing my home or myself.

 I think it’s incredibly fun when a room (or an outfit) looks like it’s been curated from different

places over time; not like it was ripped from a catalog.

mirror /

sofa / pillow / chandelier / fiddle leaf via

lucite table / side table / side chair / rug

Though most of the time you’ll

find me in leggings & with hair in a topknot, chasing after my daughter Quinn who’s probably

the sassiest/coolest/funniest toddler I know.  I’m usually amped up on too much coffee.

 Dreaming about that glass of wine. (I think I’m sleeping with my eyes open here.)  

It was a pleasure to be here!

 Thanks so much for having me, Court!!


Could she be any cuter? Those leggings and lace top. Yes, please. And look at that gorgeous living room she is sitting in. I think we can all relate to wanting to be comfortable and Freckles Chic has a magical way of making it look effortless, classy, and oh so chic. Pop on over to visit her and be sure to check out her daughter’s beautiful playroom and gallery wall.  I also fell hard for her Greek key drapes. I think I need to copy her! Enjoy your day, everyone! 

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  1. says

    I totally know what you mean about weekends away with special friends. Glad you had a great time. Freckles Chick is absolutely adorable!

  2. says

    Welcome back Courtney! I'm so glad you had a wonderful getaway with your friends. I adore Freckles Chick! I'll repeat what I said on IG. She is incredibly sweet and funny, down to earth, genuine and beautiful. Love her taste in fashion and her home. I'd be happy wearing either her clothes or her daughters!

  3. says

    I think you pull off the casual-elegant-collect style beautifully! To me, that kind of style seems to be harder to maintain– the pressure to "bling-up" sometimes is high. But "less is more" is a really beautiful concept.

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