Which One Wednesday: {Master Bedroom}

Hi, everyone! It’s the final installment of my master bedroom mini makeover. Time really flies. So far we have looked at countertops, mirror frames, and lighting choices. Today I am seeking your opinion for our new faucets. This might be one of my favorite parts of the newly designed space. To me, the faucet really reads as jewelry for the room. In case you are new to the blog and have missed what this is all about, feel free to click here to get caught up! justfour Here is what the beauty looks like now! ……………………………………..master bathroom 2012-07-31 13.02.00 2012-07-31 13.03.45   2012-07-31 13.04.40   I am planning to change the following four things: Countertops Frame the Mirror Lighting Faucets Here is a little mood board of what is already going on in the space so you can get a better idea of what will be staying. …………………………….…here’s what’s staying OB-Court's Bathroom And we will be going with a very light countertop. One that resembles Carrera Marble. The lights above the sink will be polished chrome. choice #1 classic and traditional Gooseneck Faucet {gooseneck faucet via pottery barn} choice #2 classic with a modern edge   Alexandria Widespread Lavatory Faucet {Alexandria via signature hardware} choice #3 This one is very similar to number one but has different handles.   {Moen via Home Depot} justfour What would you do? Would you go with Choice #1. #2, or #3? Let’s here what you think.  I am hoping today’s vote distracts me from worrying about my first grader on her first day of school! Enjoy your day, everyone!  


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    I like 2! They are all beautiful but I personally like the lever knobs not the cross knobs. I also like a lower facet so that I can wash my face and not hit the facet when rinsing and a lower facet makes less splash. Oh Gosh I Am Too Practical!!
    Pick the one that makes you swoon!!

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    I like #2, especially if you're using a bit more modern hardware on the cabs. I like #3 also, but we have not had good luck with Moen faucets, so I'm avoiding that brand in the future. So glad to see you using polished chrome! We're close to a bathroom overhaul and I was really thinking that's the direction I would go as well. Classic! I'd like to know more about the countertop you mentioned. Is it cultured marble? I've got to start researching my options there. Don't worry too much about your baby, I bet it will be a fantastic day!

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    Hi Courtney,

    I would pick the #1 option from Pottery Barn, I like all the designs however the PB is also made of more durable materials, solid brass fittings and ceramic disk valves so you will not have to worry about the valves wearing out and your faucet beginning to drip. The Moen option uses plastic valves.

    Also, how exciting for your little one to be headed to school today!


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    I love #1 the best and honestly, the other two types of handle easlily break – believe me, I've had 2 of those already broken in our old home. Good luck though, maybe we just havve "heavy" hands :-)

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    gotta cast my vote for #3…love the gooseneck faucet of both choices one and three but with #3 you can turn it on with one finger (and sometimes with kids you only have one finger to spare).
    hope your daughter had a great first day of school!

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    Three reasons I hate these posts–
    1. I can't decide because they are all equally beautiful.
    2. I'm afraid I'll choose one you don't like. The pressure!
    3. Your skinny, fantastic, oh-so-gorgeous legs in the mirror shot make me realize we can't be friends anymore. Sorry.

    I vote for #3? #1 is close, but I'm not in love with the handles. Unless you don't like #3. Then I vote for the ones you like. :)

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    I like #1 the best! The high arch of the faucet is especially beautiful and the hot/cold indicators on the temperature controls have kind of a classy vintage feel.

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