Your Place {Shared Office Space & Dreamy Drapes}

In 2013 I am hoping to feature more of your beautiful homes. I will be calling it “Your Place” and am kicking it off today.  Deme, from Fresh Coat of Paint {love the blog name},  recently made some changes to her shared office space.  Sometimes I see spaces that stop me dead in my tracks. This is one of them. I am head over heels for her drapes. Wait until you see where they came from. And the inside of her desk drawer is pretty darn fantastic as well. Enjoy.







  The cute new chair is a HomeGoods find. Perfect for the space. And why don’t I own this wrapping paper? It’s from Target and it’s pretty darn fantastic. Deme used it to line her desk drawer. So swanky looking and so simple. I want to get my hands on this so I can mat some photos with it. The Mara-Mi line {which makes the wrapping paper} has some seriously cute things. It’s new to me.  I found these notes and think I might like to see them on my desk sometime soon! mari-mi thank you notes     So these stunning drapes. . . they are a duvet from the Nate Berkus line! Yup! Pretty darn smart, right. Deme had fallen in love with that duvet and she decided taking some scissors to it would do the trick. I LOVE! Here is the duvet and a link to it below if you are inspired to do the same. I keep looking around trying to figure out where to use this. We actually have a window near our music/piano area and I think it might be getting dressed up in a duvet soon. Nate Berkus Duvet Thank you to Deme over at Fresh Coat of Paint for the inspiration and great ideas. You can read all of the details on her blog. And to see exactly how she made the drapes you can read this post. Fresh Coat of Paint What about you? Have you repurposed anything lately. I always love when someone looks at something and sees a possibility I never would have dreamed of. Enjoy your day! Maybe you’ll be inspired to look at something in a different light.


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    Too funny. I had the duvet with the same exact plans…only difference, she actually did it and I ended up bailing on the idea;). Looks fantastic. MMmmmm, maybe I should've followed through with that one.

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    Oh I can see why you fell in love with that room! The "drapes" are a showstopper! And I also love the drawer liner- AND I just got those same thank you cards! :)

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    What a darling space. All the white with bits of color and pattern, and the lumbar pillow on the chair is fantastic, helpful while also being stylish.

    Thanks for sharing her office,

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