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Saturday Shopping: Mint + Navy

Cheers to the weekend, everyone!!!! Hip hip hooray! So what some of you may not know about me is that mint green has been my color of choice since I was about seven. My very first pair of Converse high tops were mint green. I loved those shoes. After scooping up this mint green vest I looked in my closet and realized I have a good six or seven shirts and sweaters that are mint. But what I am really crazy about right now is mixing mint and navy. There is just something really striking about the combo. Also dishing on how these items fit below.




I have a red puffy vest and white one hidden in my closet from a couple of years ago. I am glad I hung on to them because I am sure you have noticed every store has gone bananas for the puffy vest again! I like this one because it’s not too puffy and is super soft on the inside. But let’s face it. It was the mint color that sold me. I LOVE it. Totally a bargain, too. I bought an XS. By the way, I am 5’7” or a bit more in case you are wondering about sizing with things I wear. The turtleneck is really soft and I am wearing a medium {although I think I could have done a small but I hate to feel strangled by a turtleneck}. The scarf is a men’s scarf. The great secret about shopping for scarves. . . always look in the men’s department. Super soft and the colors are sometimes darker and richer and provided a great contrast.

And you already know that the boots and bag are my staple this season. I wear them everyday for the most part. They just work. Wore the boots with a white lace dress the other day which was also a fun look.


mint vest | scarf | striped turtleneck | jeans | boots | slouchy bag


favorite cage heels {sale!}

These have been marked down again and they are one of my favorite heels. They are so well made, comfortable and super chic on the foot. I am hinting to Santa that I need the black ones { I have the tan}.

I LOVE this clutch. I saw it in store but already have a similar blue one. I don’t think the website does it justice. On the back is the cutest gold buckle to slip your hand through. Very chic and cute. $38

And this dress is an exact look alike of a dress I had back in the day when I was dating my hubby. I have kept it all of these years . ..but let’s be honest. It no longer fits. I may have to consider this one. It’s classic, feminine and so sentimental of the first Christmas party we spent together.

The Felicity and Coco dress has been marked down to $46. What? What? Do I do it? Did any of you buy it? Holiday date night?


navy vest | mint scarf | pajama shirt | navy plaid scarf | boots | houndstooth

In keeping with the feel of my outfit post, these are all items I think are adorable. That plaid flannel nightshirt is too cute. And let’s discuss the idea of striped rain boots?! What? Why haven’t I seen these before?

Happy weekend, my friends. We are soccer free and happy to be spending some time with my parents as well as tying up some loose ends on a couple of projects.

And just to catch you up to speed on my shopping guides, you can click here to see it all.

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Friday Eye Candy: Thanksgiving Tables

Hello, all! TGIF! What a week. My children have been home most of the week as it was parent-teacher conference week. Great to have a more relaxed schedule but let’s just be honest. The house looks like a bomb went off and I have accomplished very little. But I’m okay with that. I have learned over the years that freaking out about the house only makes it worse. It a matter of a couple of hours I can have it looking somewhat acceptable. So in the meantime, I choose to let it go.

Today I am serving up some gorgeous Thanksgiving table goodness. I am not hosting this year which I why I did not create a new table. But so excited to show off some beautiful inspiration. And at the end of the post, I will show you last year’s Thanksgiving table from our home. Enjoy. I will let the photos do the talking. You’ll see why!


via emily a. clark


via this is happiness


via the tomkat studio


via craft and couture


via liz marie blog



Our table last year was rustic and warm.  I used Burberry ribbon to tie up the flatware and stuck with fresh greens from the yard and plenty of burlap. Chalkboard chargers and wheat stalks helped to create more of a rustic feel as well.


One of my all time favorite tables ever, was this one created by my sister. She is crazy talented and always entertains in the most beautiful way. As most of you know she and her family are in Singapore for the next couple of years and will be missed beyond measure this Thanksgiving. It had me thinking back to how time flies. Looking back at this table reminded me of how quickly time is flying. I came across this family photo from three years ago. It was a particularly meaningful photo. Family really is everything.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next week. Hold those loved ones extra tight and close.


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