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A Thoughtful Style: Casual Date Night

Did you get a chance to read my post yesterday on aging? Well, I talked about things that keep me feeling young. Date night is one of those. So the other night we went and saw a movie. We never do that because basically it means I can’t talk for 2-3 hours and that just kills me! Ha. But we were both up for it after a long week and decided to see Gone Girl. I hadn’t read the book but wished that  I had. While it was entertaining, something tells me the book might have been much better. But enough about that. Can we talk about shoes? Not your shoes, but men’s shoes. Like most hubbies, mine does not like shopping. And I think the man owns three pairs of shoes. No lie. And to be honest, he holds onto them so darn long that I have to force him to get new ones.


Because he holds onto them for so long, we aim for quality over quantity. This time around I LOVE what he picked out. He found them at Nordstrom and they are awesome quality. I like the attention to detail and the red laces are super fun. And truly, besides these, he owns a pair of dress shoes and running shoes. I suppose I should be happier about that. It means I am the only one shoe shopping all the time! Not gonna lie, the second he brought these beautiful new shoes home, I tossed his old ones. Out with the old, in with the new. And because they are made well . . .the should last a few years.




his shoes | her shoes {in black} | his jeans | her jeans | striped tee | similar scarf



click on any shoe above for details



Bottom line. I would go anywhere, anytime with this guy. He is my rock and my partner in all things fun, serious, important, unimportant, mundane and adventurous. I kinda dig him. And his new kicks. 

Hope you all are having a great week. I am off to decorate more of our Christmas tree for the Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge. Nothing like singing Christmas carols in October!


*This post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom. Affiliate links used. All ideas, opinions, and romantic evenings are my own.


I’m Not Getting Any Younger

So as I get older, I am realizing a few things. Actually, many things. I am realizing I am far more patient and tend to let the little things go. I am keenly aware of how quickly my children are growing and how I will never get these days back. They do indeed move at warp speed the older we get. I cherish sneaking into their rooms at night and whispering words of encouragement in their ears. I look past the dirt on my walls and try very hard to give my children a present mommy. I don’t always succeed. But I give it my best effort day in and day out. I am also deeply thankful for my husband and the love that we share. To say we are a team is an understatement. We are fortunate to be able to spend quality time with one another daily and not a day goes by that I am not cognizant of how blessed we are.


But there is something else I a noticing as I get older. I am aging. Ha. I am seeing signs here and there that this body aint what it used to be. And while I am okay with that, I am also relying on some things to help me feel my best. I have been asked many time what my work out routine is or how I stay healthy. I am not about to say I know anything about any of it. At all. I just thought it was time to share what keeps me feeling my best. And maybe, just maybe, you might find something new to try. And I would LOVE for you to leave a comment at the end of this letting all of us know what keeps you feeling young. So here they are in no particular order!


w a t e r


I am a water drinker. Truly. With the exception of loving red wine, I only drink water. I never drink soda or juices. I think water is key in keeping the skin hydrated and for overall health. I also think it helps with clear skin. If you are not crazy about water, maybe add a few slices of fresh fruit. I often keep a pretty pitcher of ice water on the counter {it makes me feel like I am at a high end spa} so that I am reminded to drink it all day long. I also like that my kiddos have been exposed to us drinking water nonstop. My son can’t get enough of it.

p a s s i o n



Passion. Passion about life, the people you share it with, and what you do. I can not begin to express how fortunate I feel to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with readers via this blog. I am crazy passionate about this blog. Everything from brainstorming ideas to capturing it in photos. I love every single aspect of it and each day I am excited to get up and tackle some aspect of the blog.  I am a worker bee by nature. So it suits me very well. In the end, I am able to do what I find beauty in. That makes me feel energized every day. What are you passionate about? Have you found it?

t a n n e r


Tanner. Yep. That’s right. No lengthy explanation needed. I feel younger when I have a bronzed tone. If you ever need a quick pick me up, give it at try. And let me tell you. It has the power of hiding many imperfections. I’ll take it.

s t r e n g t h



Along the lines of finding your passion, I think we all need a way to feel strong. Mine is kick boxing. I began kick boxing in my early 20s and have been doing it ever since. I even taught classes for a while and trained in an all male gym. Yep. I may be little, but I am mighty! I have a standing boxing bag in my garage and can use it anytime. I have failed as of late in doing it regularly. But let me say this. I have definitely worked my way through some major grief over the last couple of years. There is no better feeling than getting out some aggression and frustration on a boxing bag. It makes me feel strong. What makes you feel strong?

q u a l i t y  t i m e



Almost every night, my husband and I sit on the front porch and download our days. We talk about anything and everything and savor the time to just be us. We have always believed in an early and consistent bedtime for our children which is why we are able to do this. A glass of red wine and some real conversation can be such a relaxing way to end the day. It also helps me put the craziness of my day in check and helps me to reprioritize.

c o n s i s t e n c y




I go to sleep at the same time every night. I know that not everyone can do this based on your family’s schedules, but I do think that it plays a huge role in how I feel. I think the consistency has helped my quality of sleep. I am also able to fall asleep much faster because my body is so used to going to sleep at the same time each night. What are your sleep habits?

k e e p   i t   n a t u r a l


{unedited photo. . . crow’s feet and all. In all fairness . . it was good lighting!}

Wrinkles. I wish they weren’t a reality. Having said that, I do try to remind myself that each time I look in the mirror at my smile lines and crows feet that they are here from years of living. It’s not a bad thing. But I am just as vain as the next girl and complain about them all the time. I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It is super lightweight and has built in sunscreen. Mac Love Nectar lip gloss is my all time favorite. I tend to gravitate towards the natural look.  I use Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash each day and always go to bed with a clean face.

UPDATE:  My lifelong friend, Leah, reads my blog every morning {good friend, indeed}. She just emailed me that Rodan + Fields is launching Acute Care treatment patches for expression lines. {no needles!!}. Anyone who becomes Leah Mendoza's Preferred Customer* between October 21-28 will be entered into a raffle for a free box of Acute Care, valued at $220 and containing $20 patches.  I want to try these now. You can check out her page here.


g o o d   f o o d



I am no health nut. I do not count calories nor am I crazy about what I eat. I love food. My husband and I go on weekly date nights and adore trying new restaurants. But here is the deal, I am always aware that food is nourishment. Your body needs to be fueled correctly. I have just always had that mind set. So if I blow it at lunch time with foods that are not good for me, I reign it in the rest of the day. We sit down to dinner as a family every single night and try very hard to make sure it’s a well balanced, healthy meal. I find that just not brining too much junk food into the house makes life much easier. Do you eat well?

i n   t h e   e n d . . .


Isn’t this the truth. Having lost my own brother way too young, I am all to aware of how lucky I am to be growing older. I don’t have any secrets to keeping us all looking young, I do however, know that these things in my life keep me FEELING young and alive and invigorated. What’s on your list? What do you do on a regular basis that keeps you feeling young and excited about life?

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