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Keeping it Real at Christmas Time

Happiest of Fridays to you my friends. I told you I would be a bit light on blogging as I am soaking in this time with the family. But I have a few things on my mind and thought I would toss them all into one blog post today! Hope you don’t mind.


HONESTY:  I want to get something off of my chest. I have debated mentioning this but think it’s really important. I think the holidays are magical and so much fun. Really, to me, they are the best time of year. But the truth it they are also a very difficult time of year. Beneath the twinkling lights and hustle and bustle there can be pain and sadness. I a not talking anything major, but I am saying that if this time of year stirs up emotions about loved ones you’ve lost or challenging situations in your life, you are not alone. It is magical. It is exciting. And it is extremely emotional. I feel deeply and wounds from my past seem to be reopened a bit during this time. I try very hard to look at all of that from the perspective of gratitude. The reason we all experience pain, loss, you name it, is because we have loved. We found something to be so special and wroth our time that we allowed our hearts to hurt. And that, is actually a very beautiful thing. In the true meaning of Christmas, I wish you not just the magic and the glow of twinkling lights, but a touch of healing and an ability to honor all that you feel during this time. I know I am trying to.

INSPIRATION: What a week it’s been in blogland with such beautiful homes. I think it’s even more fun to look at some of these spaces in awe but to realize that they too become messy and chaotic. And each blogger would tell you that.


The room above belongs to Kristin. Jaw dropping. Other rooms that had me drooling are here, here, and here. Just wow! And have you seen these DIY ornaments. Gorgeous.

INSIGHT: I adored Lauren’s article on how her blog has evolved. I think it’s spot on and so true for most bloggers. By nature, a blog is an extension of ones self. At least when it is done right. And we, as people, change and grow. That is the beauty of both human nature and blogging. So if any of the blogs you read change over time, I hope you’ll embrace that and realize that it’s because the real life person behind the blog is evolving and changing. That’s a beautiful thing.

DISTRACTION:  In keeping with the theme of honesty, I love a little distraction from every day life and for me that is fashion. I LOVE pulling together outfits. I am currently packing for our getaway. Thank you to those who helped me decide on a dress. I went with this one but paid my local dry cleaner/taylor $20 to even out the hemline. A good tip if you love a dress but don’t love the hemline. It’s relatively inexpensive and can change the entire look.

CONGRATS: And I announced the winner of the Kirkland’s gift card! Was it you? Go see. If it’s you, please shoot me an email so we can get you shopping!


And now it’s time to go see about a boy. Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and weekend. Hard to believe we are less than a week out from Christmas.

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Thank you for the sweet comments on yesterday’s cocktail post. I have parties on my mind for sure. We are gearing up for a much needed holiday getaway. In case you missed it, I have narrowed down my dress choices to two. This one and this one. The heels below might be hint to which direction I am leading! I also stumbled upon some great deals while shopping for my family. Do you know these mittens below are only $6! Talk about an ideal stocking stuffer.



gold clutch | bangle | heel | tory burch bag | naked basics | mittens | lipgloss

I just received an email from a reader saying they ordered the MAC lipgloss in Love Nectar and she loves it. It really is the best. I wear it every single day. And that quilted purse is just too darn cute. I don’t own a Tory Burch handbag but you never know what Santa might bring!

To shop for the men in your life, you can see what I chose for mine in my gifts for men post below


I am wrapping up one more simple Christmas craft and a New Year’s Eve post is brewing, too! Such a fun time of year. And I need to thank my dear friend Tammy from Pink Peppermint Designs who featured our Christmas Home Tour. She is such a talent and is one of the most genuine women I know. Her blog is a feast for the eyes so be sure to hop over for a visit when you have a moment.

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