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Painted Easter Eggs

So my friends, with Easter falling right before my daughter’s birthday and first communion, we have craziness going on. Because of that, I only have the energy and patience for some very easy projects. On Monday I showed you the confetti ice cream bowls and today I am sharing the fastest painted Easter eggs ever! My kind of craft.



All you need are some blown out eggs {or hard boiled if you plan to toss soon}. That’s what I used as Easter is right around the corner. I need a couple of small paint brushes and q-tips for polka dotting!


Just some simple paint strokes, polka dots and embellishments made for some really easy egg decorating. By the way, this paper grass is great for resting the eggs so they don’t roll around while you paint. Great for while they dry.


Some of the paint colors are called blue sky, bubblegum, winter mint and lemon drop. Just the names make me want to get crafty.


Other than the Martha Stewart craft paint, I used the sweet pink layered pom pom stickers and the vintage girl acrylic embellishments. Both just stick on which makes it easy peasy.




This might be the most fun I have had painting eggs. There was no mess and it was just fun to get creative. My daughter painted some as well and was so proud. We will of course do the usual egg dying as well. . . brings back such fun childhood memories. But for now, a simple painted egg does the trick.

A big thank you to the editors of Martha Stewart Living for providing the supplies as part of the #12MonthsofMartha program! Idea and opinions are mine. Always.


What’s Your Fashion Snapshot, Emily A. Clark?

My sweet friend, Emily, needs no introduction. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Emily during Haven in Atlanta last year. She is just as darling, authentic, charming, and sweet as she is on her blog. She and I have been blogging friends for years now so it was so wonderful to meet in person. Girl cracks me up. This beautiful mama of five is always keeping it real and for that I love her dearly. Let’s welcome, Emily A. Clark.


When Courtney asked me to share my fashion snapshot with the world, I had a moment of panic. Apparently, my blog has made me seem way cooler than I actually am—or else she probably wouldn’t have asked me in the first place. . . For those of you who don’t know me, I blog at emilyaclark.com and spend the rest of my time as mom to five kids, ages nine and under. So, if I’m comparing my fashion sense to a room design, I’d have to say that most days, I look like a gym, a man cave or a preschool. A good five out of seven days of the week, you’ll find me in yoga pants, my favorite Kentucky t-shirt and tennis shoes with semi-dirty hair and sunglasses to hide tired eyes, all while running around my yard chasing kids and peeling bananas. It’s the glamorous life.

photo1 fashion snapshot

But, you know, there are a few occasions when I have to look like a real person, and I try to do my best. If I had to describe my style, I’d use the same three words that I would probably use to describe our home:

Comfortable, Casual, Realistic

photo2 fashion snapshot

I don’t wear things that I can’t breathe in, I’m not a label-chaser, and I’m pretty modest (hence, my love for scarves and turtlenecks!). I like skinny jeans with a big shirt, wearing heels on Sundays, and probably own too many black dresses. I don’t wear a ton of pattern, but do love a good stripe (on my body and on my walls. . .). I prefer to change up my jewelry from season to season and keep my wardrobe pretty basic.

And, this is how my style would probably translate into a room:




photo3 fashion snapshot

(Me, with the real fashionista of our family. . .)


Courtney, thanks for inviting me to share my fashion snapshot with your readers and for forcing me to dress up two more times than I usually do in a week for the photos. It’s been real.


Where do I begin. That photo of her and her daughter. One hot mama with the cutest little girl ever. So much personality. I don’t have five children, but I can so relate to the first photo. I spend many of my days at home in the same black pants and loose fitting gray tee. But I have seen this girl in person! Doesn’t come any cuter and she knows how to rock an awesome pair of colorful heels.  think I need to borrow that idea. Emily’s home is overflowing in style while still maintaining that comfortable, casual feel of her wardrobe. I am smitten with her office and her entry. I love her son’s bathroom, too. Thank you, Emily, for hanging out today. Love you, girl. If you missed any other installments, click below. It’s a good time!

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Confetti Ice Cream Bowls

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What’s better than an ice cold treat served up in a confetti bowl?! We were so sad to have to wrap up our Spring Break week. We had a wonderful time soaking up the sun and enjoying unscheduled time as a family. Ice cream seemed like a fun way to end the week! These are so easy to make. In fact, each bowl only took me five minutes. And while they can be used for a million different things, dessert seemed to be calling our name.


The inspiration came from this darling card I was sent by Jennifer. It was sitting on our table and suddenly I had the urge to make some confetti bowls.


All you need is some dishwasher safe craft paint and Q-tips. I am a huge fan of the Martha Stewart line of craft paint. The Q-tips are key for the perfect size polka dot. I simply used a different one for each paint color.


My white bowls came from here. {I think there is free shipping right now}. They are an ideal size for ice cream, cereal, and soups around here. We love them. I still have an all white set and now have a fun colorful set for special events and holidays.


Just be careful not to touch the sides of the bowl as you move around the edge. I did one paint color all the way around and then switched to the next. Seriously, a five minute project. The paint is non-toxic but not food safe, so always stick to decorating the outside of your bowls or the rim of dishes.



With all of our birthdays coming up, I think they will be a fun way to make our kiddos feel special. I  may even make a little set of dessert dishes. Wrapped up with a bow they could be a really fun gift to give.





Are you hungry for ice cream now?! These really are easy enough to make that if you have little ones you could make it a fun project. They would make for a very colorful Eater table when dessert rolls around. Cheers to happy bowls of ice cream and to a great week ahead. {Cute cake stand is a HomeGoods find}.

I must have a thing for confetti. I made gold confetti glasses here.


A big thank you to the editors of Martha Stewart Living for providing the paint as part of the #12MonthsofMartha program! Idea and opinions are mine. Always.

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