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To Craft Room or Not to Craft Room

That is the question. So in my big mission to purge, we discovered something quite sad. Our kids are no longer little kids. As in they don’t use or need most of the big ticket toy items they once did. While the vast open space left in their absence is a breath of fresh air. . . I can’t believe we are to this point already. While they still have plenty of toys, they don’t take up the same foot print {ie: pretend kitchen, shopping cart, cash register}. So while I am wiping back tears and coming to terms with this whole life going too quickly thing, I am also pondering what to do with this new found real estate. The other day I was swooning over someone’s craft room. I was thinking, “Oh, if only I had a blogging office/craft room.” Well it hit me like a lead balloon. . . . I can have that. We do have the space. Our upstairs family room has always been a hang out/playroom. Now that my daughter is older and super creative, she would benefit from it as well. I rounded up some fun inspiration.

craft room stuio pebbles

studio pebbles

This is a definite possibility as far as design and inspiration. Our room has many windows and lots of good natural light which is a bonus. I love the way they created a desk space under the window and the round table is great for doing larger projects. Great ideas here.

craft room i heart organizing

i heart organizing

Jen can do no wrong and I have such studio envy. This room is her office/craft space and it’s all together fantastic. I love the desk area and that all of her supplies are so neatly organized.

craft room model home atp

a thoughtful place – model home

I showed this craft room a while back from a model home we toured. It is still by far one of my very favorite spaces. Of course this was right off of the kitchen and family room which made it extra dreamy. Since I can’t magically move my room, maybe I can steal some great ideas from the design of this space.

craft room thislewood farms

thistlewood farms

Well, hello gorgeous! So bright and beautiful. So much saturated color and I love the different work stations. I like the idea of a long wall of desks like this . . . can accomplish quite a lot. While I wouldn’t need three separate areas, I could spread out quite a bit with my projects.

craft kelly rae roberts

kelly rae roberts – soul shine studio

Can you believe this space Kari Anne created? Holy cow. This studio she shares with two other artists stole my heart. Can’t you just feel the soul and the creativity flowing. My daughter, who loves to paint, would go bananas. I love the charm and the lived in feel of this. So much inspiration it blows my mind.

So now I need to really think about this. Most of my crafting for the blog is done downstairs and many of my supplies are in the garage. Would I want everything upstairs? Would I create a space to photograph up there, too? They jury is still out. Luckily, my sister, and design partner in crime, is coming to visit next month. I already told her I need to put her eye to work. I would love to see it transformed but is it the right move? Anyone have a dedicated, dreamy craft space? Do you actually craft in there? I want to know the ins and outs. So don’t be shy. . . if you have a nice creative space carved out for you or your family, how do you like it?

* And a special happy birthday to my dear brother in heaven. We miss you more than words can say.  I could use your sense of humor on a daily basis around here. Love you, Tim.


Pop of Color | Accessory Love

Yesterday I went with a pop of color on our DIY balloons and today it’s a pop of color with jewelry. I love to add just a little something to each outfit I wear. Whether it’s a feminine gold chain or a small pop of color, I think it makes the looks more interesting. And if you travel much, having a few signature necklaces make your outfits looks so pulled together {and they don’t take  up much space!}. Today I am showing you a ridiculously comfortable outfit. It’s a great one to transition into the warmer months.

maxi skirt and pop of color

maxi skirt | tank top | lace bralette | necklace | sandals | sunglasses

I have a crush on maxi skirts. Always have. I have owned them for as long as I can remember. I always have a black and gray one in circulation. {This gray one is on sale for under $30}. When you keep our outfits super neutral you can add fun color with the accessories. The tank is just twisted and tucked under in the back for a different look. It normally hangs longer and has a great swing to it.

jewelry a thoughtful place

This one was actually a gift from my husband to take on our trip.  I love that the balloons had gold tassels yesterday and the necklace does today {coincidence I promise}. I like that this Kendra Scott necklace has a bit of a boho chic style to it. She also makes a really pretty one without the tassel if that is more your thing. And they come in lots of different pretty colors.

maxi skirt a thoughtful place

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but the maxi is my go-to travel outfit. So comfy you feel like your lounging in pajamas. A tank and maxi are awesome for running errands, too.


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

My sister just recently gave my niece {who is away at college} a darling Kate Spade “K” necklace{number 7}. I love the simplicity of the letter inside of the circle. A very sweet gift. I am also a fan of the sideways cross form Dogeared. Have you seen it? It is a faith necklace and she always wears it to church. I actually would love one of my own. Honey, did you read that?!

necklace a thoughtful place

Here is one more look at this pretty necklace. I love that my husband knows my style so well. It’s a fun piece that goes great with a little sundress {taking this on our trip} or with super casual looks. I plan to wear this tank and necklace with my white pants, too. Do you have white pants for Spring and Summer? They are a staple in my wardrobe.

Do you ever splurge on a fun piece of jewelry? I think it’s nice to have a couple of good quality pieces here and there. They always last longer and can transform an outfit. I read an article the other day that said it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it and accessorize it. Interesting point. I think it is true. Adding just a few pops of color or a even layering your necklaces can completely change a look. I tend to gravitate towards the daintier and long necklaces versus the statement pieces. I just feel so much more like me in them. Do you have a go to necklace or favorite style? Are you more of a statement necklace girl or a dainty jewelry gal? I rounded up a few more fun styles from Nordstrom below.


*Proud to have collaborated with Nordstrom on this post. Affiliate links used.

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