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Girl Behind the Rug With Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia recently asked me to share a bit about myself and my design style in a fun series called, “Girl Behind the Rug.”

When it comes to my design style, I always gravitate towards the traditional with a touch of glamour. I am a detail girl and like the gorgeous intricacies of a pretty lace or a beautifully made heel. I like bedroom spaces to feel sophisticated, romantic, and calming. When choosing a rug for our new master bedroom from Lulu & Georgia, The Belen Rug was the perfect fit.



The rug is unbelievably soft and the detail is exquisite. I like to stick to neutrals when sourcing big ticket items.  It’s the pretty details that take center stage in this rug. That’s what drew me in.




While my overall design style is traditional with hints of glamour, I also like my spaces to feel comfy and approachable. A pop of color creates interest while the accessories become the jewelry for my rooms.




This traditional rug makes the room feel lived in and familiar. Just like my favorite pair of jeans.




The Belen Rug is a beautiful addition to our master bedroom. You can find it here. Lulu & Georgia has gorgeous items for the home and is one of my favorite sources for online clients. And for all of my readers, you can get 20% off of anything you purchase through April 27th. Just use the code below. Thank you to Lulu & Georgia for my beautiful new rug!



What’s Your Fashion Snapshot, Ten June?

It’s time to get the fashion snapshot party started! I love Tuesdays around here. Today I am highlighting a sweet friend who I have been able to connect with both in San Francisco and in Atlanta. Michelle from Ten June is awesome. She is as talented and witty as she is cute and kind-hearted. She rescued me a couple of years ago when I was going through a rough patch. She swooped in and babysat my blog. Today she is back and better than ever and a new mom to a baby girl. This makes baby number two for Michelle and she is here to chat about her style both in fashion and in the home.
Hey friends! It's Michelle from Ten June. When Court asked me to participate in her totally awesome "Fashion Snapshot" series, I was all.. I got this. After all, I spend my days strutting the catwalk and reading Vogue, so I'm quite the fashion connoisseur. Juuust kidding. I'm actually a mom to a nineteen month old and a six week old, so the only strutting I'm doing is around Target while I'm covered in spit up and likely have a Cheerio or two in my hair.
Needless to say, I'm pretty excited that Courtney found me fashionable enough to participate in her series. My style? At this phase of my life, I would describe it as comfortable, classic and fun.
Let's be honest, I need my best accessory....
Six weeks old and she already dresses better than me!
This is such a total mom outfit, right?! But hey, that's what I am and I'm proud of it. This is a uniform for me these days- classic boyfriend cut chinos, a chambray shirt and a couple of fun accessories like my striped scarf and leopard flats.
If this outfit and my style were a room, I think it'd go a little something like this....
Lots of neutral, a pop of color, some whimsical items and a few natural, textured pieces. And a rhino head. Duh. Now that I'm looking at it, this is not too far a cry from my real living room!
Here's one more shot of my style with a tad more color.
I know, the baby is still my cutest accessory ; )
So there you have it! My hawt momma style. For more about me, my crazy growing family and our recent move to a rental house, check out my blog or my home tours. Thanks for having me, Courtney!
Michelle, you’re the best!!! Not only does she have awesome style and a fantastic blog, but the girl finds time to be an lawyer, too. What?! Makes me feel super lazy. She just showed of little lady june’s nursery  and you have to go see her crazy cool garden wall.
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Come back tomorrow! Sneak peek of a new rug for our master bedroom and fun collaboration!


Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

I hope you all had a joyous Easter celebration. My parents were kind enough to host and we so enjoyed being all together. They even busted out the giant tinker toys from when we were little for my kiddos to play with. Did any of you have those? We were in charge of dessert and it was pretty funny how it all came about. My son saw me looking at Pinterest {which he had never seen before}. His mind was blown. He was so enthralled with all of the beautiful photos of desserts. He could barely contain himself. I let him choose so fancy ice cream cones it was! We had a blast searching in the store for the perfect sprinkles. Here is how they turned out.



I melted the chocolate chips over a boiling pot of water {in a glass bowl} and used a small basting brush to paint the chocolate on the inside and outside of the waffle cones. When I make them next time, I will use the Trader Joes chocolate chips. They melt very nicely and the chocolate is easier to work with. I used that for the chocolate covered strawberries and was much happier.


Simply add the sprinkles as soon as the chocolate is painted on. I placed them in small glasses. We bought these for our beer tasting party and have used them countless times since for many different things. I popped them in the fridge to set for about 30 minutes.



Because we were driving over to my parents, I needed to make the cones more stable so I dropped about four or five marshmallows in each glass to pad the cones a bit. It worked out really well and then guests could use them on their ice cream, too. If also used double sided tape to adhere the glasses to the acrylic tray while driving.



We served them up with strawberry and mint chip ice cream. A chocolate covered strawberry on each plate made for a a delicious dessert. The nice thing about serving them in little glasses is that you can either pick the cone up and eat it or use a spoon! They were a hit and we will be making these again soon. Good choice by my son!


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