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A Difficult Week

Blogging has been a bit slow around here lately. We lost a dear dear member of our family. Our beloved Grandma Connie. She lived a good, happy, beautiful life. She adopted so many of us as her grandchildren and when she hugged you, she hugged you with a deep and real love. It’s something I will always remember about her. We spent yesterday honoring her life and then I was able to spend some good quality time with my cousins who I had not see in a while. I am filled with gratitude for the closeness of my family and it’s times of loss that really seem to shake us to our core and remind us just how precious life is. The priest at the service said something that really struck a chord with me. He said, “At birth you are the only one crying while everyone else is smiling. At death, you are the only one smiling while everyone else is crying.” I am choosing to focus on the smile and the arms wide open welcoming Grandma Connie home.



Thanks for letting me share. And for any of you who are suffering a loss right now or know that the end is near for someone you treasure, I am sorry. It is painful and real. And yet such an obvious reminder to appreciate this life we have and the time we have to make amends, travel, love, savor and behold. And to simply appreciate the very tiny moments that light us up on the inside.


Mommy Daughter Date

Date nights are a priority around here, as you know. My husband and I carve out time each week to hang out. We’ve also made it a habit to take the children one on one from time to time. A mother daughter bond is special and it’s a relationship unlike any other. My daughter and I have VERY similar personalities.  Now, if you have children, you know that being alike is a great thing as well as a not so great thing!  Know what I mean? So these special days are really important to just appreciate my daughter as an individual. I love hearing about what is important to her, what her hopes are, who she likes at school, how she felt giving her report. It’s all mundane but in the end it’s really what makes us who we are. It’s the little things that add up to the whole. We had a fun afternoon tea planned. It’s a fun excuse to get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company. My mom used to take me for tea and it’s a tradition I am thrilled to continue.


If any of you have young girls, you know that the topic of what they want to wear can become a bit sticky. This little one has STRONG opinions of what she likes and does not like.  But when it comes to fancy dresses as long as it isn’t pink we are good! We went to Nordstrom and I let her try them on. Gone are the days of my picking them out and bringing them home. Anyone else relate to that? This dress is no longer online but my store carried it.


Melts my heart to see her in a pretty dress. Most of the time, Converse high tops are her jam. So this. This is fun. She says the drop waist and color won her over. I’ll take it. The funny thing is that low waisted dresses were always my favorite when I was little. Nordstrom has so many beautiful dresses for young girls right now.  I think they are gearing up for Easter and Spring. I love that she can wear this for her Spring birthday and Easter, too. It’s seriously difficult to find age appropriate, pretty dresses these days so I was really excited to find one we both loved.


I love this little girl with all of my heart. I can’t believe she isn’t three years old anymore. Time is flying by way too quickly. I am going to savor the fact that she wants to put on a party dress and spend time with mommy. And love the photo above because she picked up those flowers, held them out and said, “Take a picture!”


polka dot blouse  |  sunglasses  |  similar heels | party dresses

I hope that my daughter always realizes just how special and unique she is. In this crazy world, it’s easy to lose sight of all that is important and good. She is good. And she is important. And I am so grateful to be her mommy. {And yes, the fact that she wants to match mommy makes me over the top happy. . . .my days with that are numbered, I know}.

Other cute Nordstrom dresses below. I really wanted to buy more than one but I know she won’t have enough occasions to wear them. She’ll be back in her black Converse high tops before I blink. And I am wearing a medium in the blouse in case you decide it’s a look you like.


Proud to have collaborated with Nordstrom on this post. Affiliate links used.

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