A Birthday Tribute

I will be taking the day off today to spend time with my family. We will be honoring a piece of us that is missing.   Tim and Shannon surprise grady from AZ! march 26, 1970 – august 27, 2011 My big brother would have been 42 today. He is missed every single day. Among so many things, he was a talented and gifted writer. And for me, writing my blog each day has been a valuable way to grieve and to feel connected to my brother. brilliant . . . hilarious . . . charming I miss you, Tim. Thanks for watching over us. We plan to spend the day doing things you loved to do.


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    thinking of you, courtney. april 1 marks the 16 year mark of losing my aunt (my mom's sis). i can't say that over time it is easier or she is less missed- it's certainly not the case…. but most of the tears have been cried and the memories bring smiles now. i am hoping you can smile through the tears as you celebrate his life.

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    I understand what it's like, I lost my brother four years ago. I talk about him all of the time and perhaps that's my way of being sure my kids (and his) don't ever forget what a wonderful guy he was. May the peace of God be with you today and always as you and your family remember him. If you ever need a friend, I am happy to listen!

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    enjoy your day, and your family. this touched my heart. i lost my brother last year, as well, to suicide. i turned 50 this year without him. he reached that milestone a year before me, so he was my BIG brother. we reached our one-year milestone of his death in early March and have celebrated all the holidays, and his birthday in November in much the way you are, honoring and remembering, keeping him with us in our hearts. love never dies. peaceful times be with you and your family today.

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    My older brother died almost 14 years ago and I try to do something in his honor on his birthday. He was a writer too! I miss him every day.

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    Enjoy your day with your family. My dad will have been gone two years this October, a day apart from his birthday. My entire family had dinner together on the anniversary and each brought a joke to the table. One of his favorite things was to start a night off with a joke. We miss him everyday.

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    Courtney, I know how hard this has been for all of you. Wishing you God's peace as you all gather together today to celebrate a wonderful man! I know he is smiling down watching you all enjoy the things that he did. Such a special way to remember him. God Bless!

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    I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your older brother. It is a wonderful idea to spend the day with your family honoring your brother's birthday and doing what he loved best. I lost my brother 16 years ago and my family gathers each year on his birthday to remember and celebrate. Thinking of you today.

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    Oh Courtney, I had no idea…no wonder you were having a tough time then. I really can't imagine what kind of pain that would be to loose a sibling, but thanks for always being such a great source of inspiration…nothing better than that as a tribute to your brother. I hope this day is filled with sweet memories of your brother and celebrating his life. Sending hugs your way, dear lady! (c:

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    Good for you! I have a brother that was killed when I was 15 and it's hard to believe that I have lived nearly half my life without him. I need to tell my kids more about him and make sure they know him better, glad you are taking a day to remember him and celebrate his life.

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    Courtney, I'm sorry I missed this very meaningful post. More importantly, I'm so sorry this is something you and your family have gone through. What a beautiful thing to celebrate his life. Praying it was a special day, as hard as it may have been. Each day is a gift. Thank you for reminding us in this way. You're very strong to share this. I've missed keeping up with your blog. Hope you are well.

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