{DIY} Ikat Bowl

We are about to jump into a mini bathroom makeover. I will be sharing all of the details on the blog. In beginning this project, I have been looking around and spending hours just staring at our master bathroom. Do any of you do the stare when you are about to overhaul something? For some reason it helps me visualize and if I stare long enough, the vision of where I want to end up usually pops into my head. So back to my staring. I suddenly had my eyes locked on a little blue bowl. We received it as part of a stacking set from Crate & Barrel for one of our shower gifts. It’s rather plain as it is meant to be a small mixing bowl. Here she is 2012-07-22 10.29.27 So I thought it would be fun to bust out a little ikat inspired chevron print on it. I thought it might give it a little bit more personality and I will admit this was a bit of a test run. I have a set of these and was curious to see if I could make something similar. These are the anthropologie bowls. I wanted to see how the whole thing would work in case I want to tackle a bigger project along the same lines. So I sat down with my Scotch Blue painter’s tape and got to work. I wanted the lines to be super jagged to resemble more if the ikat look. That made it really easy to just rip random pieces and put them on my bowl in the pattern I wanted. tape I also taped over the top as I wanted to keep the inside white. I thought going gold on the inside might be a little too Liberace for my tastetapetop I gave it one quick coat of brass spray paint and let it dry for a couple of hours. Here is the result after removing the tape. ikat I think it’s cute . . . but it isn’t blowing me away. I still like the idea though. Here is what I learned and will keep in mind for doing this on another project: …………………..what i learned 1. Make the tape even more jagged for a more uneven look. 2. Use an inspiration piece to copy the design. Consider a paint pen. I definitely trusted myself a little too much on this one. Now keep in mind this was more of a trial run to see if I could pull off an ikat isnpired pattern, but I should have copied an inspiration piece. I think the results would have been better. It turned out more like a jagged chevron than anything else. This is a good example of how impatient I am. I have those mini ikat bowls in my house, but didn’t bother to get up and pull one out to look at the pattern. Hmm. While writing up this post I looked online and saw that Whitney from the cuban in my coffee pulled this off much better than I did! She has a fantastic DIY ikat bowl that you should go see! I still think I will use this little cutie in my new bathroom to host a couple of wash cloths {I like having white cloths on hand for washing my face}. I will keep you posted on whether I use this method on a bigger scale. 2012-07-22 13.33.47 What about you? Have you stared at anything lately? Trying to get inspired. Or have you attempted an ikat pattern. I would love to hear your tips. I need them!


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    I do the stare ALL the time…it's a running joke with my husband and I. Loving ikat on everything…think I am going to stencil the top of a thrifted kids' table with an ikat pattern in the next few weeks, but that would probably be too big for a little bowl. Also just bought a metallic paint pen yesterday to attempt a freehand pattern on a wicker table this week. Hope to have pics on my blog next week!

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    Ha…when I start staring, hubby starts cringing…he KNOWS what that stare means!!! Like the other day when I was looking through my new PB catalog and spied the dining room wall painted with chalkboard paint, and immediately walked into OUR dining room. LOL Oh, he is going out of town the end of next month…shhh…don't tell him!

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    this is so freaky — I worked on a little project with a planter this weekend and it didn't quite turn out like I wanted. I was debating posting it and saying what I'd do different, or just doing it again. So funny. I think your bowl turned out really cute! Hope you had a great anniversary date this weekend!

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    Ahhh, yes, the stare…I totally do that! And then, when I'm decorating I have to walk to the entrance of the room a million times and do more of the stare. I've never tried ikat…I'll let you perfect it, and then I'll copy your method! I like the bowl, btw.

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    Totally relate with the "stare" approach. When my husband sees me doing this he usually says, "uh-oh". Your bowl looks great you creative girl.

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    I, too, can relate to the staring thing. My husband knows that look well and knows something is about to change inn the house! I love your bowl. I think it turned out great!

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