Fall Tabletop 2012 {Coffee Inspired}

I made a few changes to our table to bring in the feel of fall.  I prefer to keep things pretty simple and understated. The funny thing is that my inspiration came from my morning coffee. I find that I get inspired by the most random of things these days. Here is how it all came together. falltable a thoughtful place After setting this mug down on our table, I realized I wanted to use cream, chocolate brown, and green for this upcoming fall season. I just love the combination of the three. My mug is what inspired me and the latte color of the coffee inside {I add a lot of milk so the coffee gets very light!}. …………………. color inspiration coffee   I picked up a bag of whole coffee beans to surround the candle in the apothecary jar. The thing I love most is taking the lid off of it in the morning. The aroma of coffee at the table is fantastic.   falltable a thoughtful place   falltable a thoughtful place falltable a thoughtful place   falltable a thoughtful place The Details: The little pot of wheat is from HomeGoods. I loved the feminine, satin bow on it. The chalkboard label is one I had leftover from my chore chart {Matha Stewart line}. The pumpkin was purchased at JoAnns for $8 and I gave it a coat of antique white spray paint. The dishes we use each night when the kiddos set the table so I prefer to keep them out. The runner is a shower curtain from Target that I blogged about here. The natural motif and color scheme is ideal for this fall table.   falltable a thoughtful placefalltable a thoughtful place     falltable a thoughtful place   If you are new to my blog, you can read about my dining room chairs here. I recovered them with painter’s drop cloths and added pulls to the back. I have loved being able to add things to the chairs for different parties or seasons. For my fall table, I loosely tied a length of burlap ribbon on each one to add texture and warmth. falltable a thoughtful place   falltable a thoughtful place   falltable a thoughtful place I am really enjoying the neutral feel of the color scheme and how it still brings the outdoors in with the green. Thanks to my morning coffee for the inspiration! What about you? Have you been inspired to dress your table for fall? Where do you get your inspiration from? {Touches of Fall on our mantel can be seen here.} The Lettered Cottage


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    Your dining room looks so, so pretty, Courtney. I'm a big fan of understated for the holidays…..little touches of the season here and there….your table is perfectly simple but interesting….and I love that runner. I wonder if Tarjay still has that shower curtain.

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    I don't think I would have come up with those color combinations—but I love them. The pop of green is perfect. I still haven't used whole beans for decoration yet—but I think I will very very soon.

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    So pretty – love that you shared what inspired you – i love learning that little bit of background info. Your table looks wonderful! I've been on the hunt for a runner and haven't been able to find one I like. Oh, and hey – if you wrap the bottom of your candle with aluminum foil when you light it the beans will heat up and fill the room with their aroma.

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    This really looks beautiful with your curtains. I really love it! I might copy something similar in my breakfast nook. I am searching for a large scale wheat centerpiece just like you posted…I love that brown ribbon!

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    I love the detail on the back of the chairs! I am going to do this when I make over my kitchen table/chairs. I get my decorating inspirations from blogs like yours and Pinterest, of course.

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    I just discovered that I can put coffee beans on a jelly roll pan and set it in my oven on very low temp and it creates an amazing fragrance in my house! I've been using pumpkin spice flavored beans and it smells delicious! If I put the oven on low I can use the same beans for a while. Just remember to take the pan of beans out of the oven before you turn it on to bake something at a higher heat!

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    I love using coffee beans with candles. Need to go pick some up. I am loving that color combo right now too. Our kitchen is mostly chocolate and white, and I am looking for green accents.

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    Love the soft, simple color palette – so much more sophisticated than orange and black! I got married in fall and this was pretty much the color scheme for our wedding, with some gold thrown in :) Just bought some wheatgrass yesterday for fall decorating. Inspiration comes from the funniest places sometimes, doesn't it?!

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    It looks beautiful! and I use to do the coffee bean thing years ago and totally forgot about it-thanks for the reminder. Now Im inspired to get my dining table decorated for Fall! thanks for the inspiration!

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