Gallery Wall: Staircase Story

Back when we first moved in, I hung three iron pieces on our staircase wall. It was one of those things that I hung while I was dreaming up something better. I have learned it’s better to leave it blank while dreaming. That dreaming took me almost four years since there was no major rush {no empty wall!}. But at last we have a staircase wall that we really love. It not only fits us and our personality, but it tells a story as well. IMG_7972 IMG_7956 When coming down the stairs you can see the wall where I have hand written song lyrics. You can read more about that here. IMG_7960 IMG_7961IMG_7965IMG_7966   Pretty much every piece on this wall is a reminder of an important time in our lives. The empty frame was passed down by my parents and I have always left it empty. For some reason I like that it symbolizes just what could be. The clock was from the very first DIY project my father and sister helped me with for my first apartment {it was placed on top of an iron garden stool. Then we placed an oversized round piece of glass on the clock for an end table}. Wishing I had never gotten rid of that great table.   IMG_7967 The Paris photo was from our trip to Europe before children {we would have picnics at the base of the Eiffel Tower each evening}. You can read about my take on a non glamorous life in this post! It actually ties into this Paris photo.  The other photos are of our children, nieces, nephew, and or family portrait. Lastly, the hammer was a tool our Grandfather used. He recently went home to be with God and we so appreciate the memory it holds. And don’t worry! It’s securely fastened to the wall and there is no way anyone could could get it off! IMG_7969IMG_7970 The hydrangea print was the first piece of artwork I bought when my hubby and I got married for our first apartment. I just can’t bring myself to let it go. It brings back great memories. IMG_7971 This gallery wall really helps tell part of our story. And for that, I am very grateful. There is something very comforting about spying this wall from our living room. IMG_7973 Do you have a spot in your home where you have hung “temporary décor” only to find it not so temporary? I am happy to have finally finished this project. The blog-o-sphere is swimming with great gallery walls. If you are in the midst of planning one you can check out here, here and here for inspiration on fantastic stairwell gallery walls. And my friend Kim from Sand & Sisal just posted about tips for hanging a gallery wall. Go check it out. Sharing with: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


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    {Bashfully} Um, yes. Love having purposeful pieces displayed in the home, instead of just craft store decor. Awesome wall.


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    Of course you know I am in tears as I read about my father's hammer – remembering all his loving projects of which everyone it seems is a recipient. He would have been 91 this Friday and he is dearly missed.
    On a lighter note – I have that exact empty picture frame – perhaps I should consider a gallery wall on the staircase too – but I'd need your help!

    Grandma Sue

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    Love how it turned out! We used to have a large painting on our foyer wall leading upstairs, but when we painted awhile back I never put it back up. I would love to do something like this.

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    I love how there's a story behind each piece! My favorite is your Grandfather's hammer – what a special and personal reminder of him! Now you've inspired me to start hanging all my pictures. We've been in our house for 7 months now and the walls are still bare! :)

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    The wall looks great, Courtney! I like how you added interesting pieces in addition to the frames, like the hammer and the clock. I'm a sucker for meaningful art and also love an eclectic grouping! Enjoy.

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    Love it! I'm thinking of eventually doing this on the stairs leading up to our bonus room…one day! If only I had as much $$ as I have ideas… :)

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    I love what you did with your gallery. I do not have a stair case but we do have a wall where we currently have pictures of the kids. Looking at your display you gave me some good ideas to make our wall be more alive.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Wow, C! The wall is so perfect. I love the story it tells! Your pictures are so bright and airy today…did you do something different?! Love them :)

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    It's picture perfect. LOVE it. You must just feel so giddy every time you look at it and it is most likely on of those key things that really make your house feel like a home. The pops of pink melt my heart. So pretty!


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    Love your gallery wall and I don't think it's very temporary at all. Love your Grandfather's hammer no the wall, I just put my Grandfather's ice saw that he used on the wall in my sun room.

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