Glitz and Glam: Valentine Cupcake Toppers

We are about to welcome in February and all things Valentine. I love this time of year and especially enjoy making fun treats for the kiddos. Whether you have children, a special someone, a favorite teacher or neighbor . . . who doesn’t love a glammed up cupcake?! I put to use my Martha Stewart crafts to create a really simple and sparkly heart topper. I can’t get enough of the pretty iridescent hearts. glitzglam   cupcaketoppers   To create these glam toppers I used 2-3” heart shapes, Martha Stewart Iridescent hearts, striped straws, Martha Stewart glitter glue and my hot glue gun. suppliesfortoppers To begin, create heart shapes. You can use a punch, a craft machine or good old scissors! I created a stencil by cutting a 3” piece of paper. cutsquare Remember the trick we learned in elementary school? Well, it’s still alive and well. I folded the square and cute half of a heart. Works every time.   cutheart Works every time. I now have a stencil to trace for the rest of the hearts I need. Easy breezy. heartstencil Put a nice layer of craft glue on the heart. Sprinkle with iridescent hearts. One trick to note. . .use the same color paper and glitter. So if you are using green glitter, use a green heart. The final result is much prettier.   sprinklewithhearts Not really sure how I did any glitter craft before the Martha Stewart Glitter Tray. This thing honestly rocks. You shake as much glitter as you want. Once your craft is done, the excess glitter falls from the grid onto a tray. It even has a little hole that allows all of the glitter to be poured back into the original bottle. Hello, genius. Nothing goes to waste. Bam. IMG_6435   Let the hearts dry for one hour. Once dry, trim the straw to desired length { I trimmed mine to five inches} and attach with a hot glue gun. athoughtfulplacegreenheart   heartscrop athoughtfulplacepinkheart   These sparkly little cake toppers are a big hit around here! They really were easy to make and pack a big punch. I am slightly obsessed with the iridescent hearts and sort of want to cover everything with them. Are you starting to plan for Valentine’s Day? Any fun ideas up your sleeve. Honored to be a part of the 12 Months of Martha team and look forward to sharing more fun projects with you! 12MonthsofMarthaButton A big hank you to the editors of Martha Stewart Living for sponsoring this post as part of the #12MonthsofMartha program! I received product in exchange for this project; however, all opinions are my own. Always.


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