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Sometimes I put systems into place and they fail miserably, and other times they work beautifully. Such is life. I wanted to share how I organize my receipts with you as it has been working for over a year now {too me that is success}. It isn’t rocket science but it has helped us stay organized and when I go to return an item I know exactly where the receipt is. We have a coat closet underneath our stairs that I turned into a mini mudroom.  In doing so, I hung a shoe pocket organizer on back of the door. This in and of itself has been a life changer. It houses all of the little go-to items we need so often. IMG_9305   IMG_1740 In one of the pockets, I shove {yes shove} my receipts as I take them out of my wallet. It’s quick and easy and nothing gets lost.  I pulled them out so you could see what gets piled up here! IMG_1742 Then about once a month or every few weeks depending on the pace of life, I sit down and sort them into this recipe holder. {Or whatever these are called . . . maybe it’s a coupon holder?} All I know is that it has ABC labels so that I can alphabetize the receipts. I love it. It doesn’t take long to do while I am watching something on DVR. IMG_1744 IMG_1746 This handy holder then goes back into the pocket on the door.  Anytime my husband or I need to grab a receipt for any reason, it’s easy to find. My last receipt tip is to SCAN ALL HOME IMPROVEMENT RECEIPTS. My sister gave me this tip as they recently purchased a house. Things are different these days and many banks require you to prove via receipt your home improvement costs when you go to sell your home. You may have already noticed, but most receipts completely fade over time. So I thought her tip was brilliant. If you scan them you will be set. A hard copy would also be handy to file in a home improvement binder. I am always looking for great organizational tips so if you have one that you would like to share, please don’t be shy. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I also want to thank everyone who weighed in on my fabric choices yesterday. I love my readers. I am planning to tally up all of the votes and see what sticks out! I love how most people picked two or three different ones. That is exactly how I am right now!


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    I love those little things too and use them to keep paint chips & fabric swatches in for each room. They easily fit inside a purse for on the go decisions. Now I need another one for receipts don't I?

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    You and I are so alike! All of our receipts go directly into a small file just like yours by month. We too make copies of all of our big ticket purchases (as the receipts do fade over time). After a few months, I go through them, those not needed get shredded and those we need to keep (generally bigger ticket items)get stapled along with a copy (see above) to the manuals and such of those said items.

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    Most receipts are printed on thermal paper which reacts to heat, thus the fading.
    Another idea: If purchasing an appliance, print and staple receipt to inside cover of manual.


    FYI – 40% of thermal paper has high levels of BPA – handle carefully.

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    This is simple, yet such an easy, great idea. And doable! So much better than keeping them all crammed in my wallet (for months at a time)!

    I also love the idea of scanning home improvement receipts in to the computer. Great ideas!

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    What a great idea! I usually shove them in my junk drawer and then get mad at myself when I can't find one!

    Regarding your fabric choices, I checked them out yesterday, couldn't decide and plan to go back again today. They are all so pretty!

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    Great tip! Right now all of my receipts get shoved into a small shopping bag which doens't work very well and is not too attractive. I much prefer your idea! Thanks for helping to keep me organized, Courtney!

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    Courtney, you are one great organizer! I like the little accordian holders (I got one at Old Navy). I keep one in my my bag in case I have to return something. That organizer on your door is great – I love that you have your tape measure in there – mine is ALWAYS missing!

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    I use the same little accordion file to keep track of my receipts. I love your idea of using a shoe organizer on the door for different little things!

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    I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! (And that shoe organizer is on my to-do list as soon as I can find a good spot for it in our house!)

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    This is fabulous and to think I just sold a shoe organizer like that! I actually have a cute little shelf for keys and receipts and cell phones and such in our laundry/ mud room. I stuff them in there and then organize them every few weeks and by that I mean file them in one of a few folders (home, other, clothing, etc), but… I really like the little recipe holder. I may start filing there as that is a more exact system. I may need one for personal and one for business… and then a new one for each year for tax reasons. Great idea!

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    I love your shoe organizer! How do you keep that clean?

    Your receipt system seems pretty bullet proof, but I was just wondering if you had ever considered using some sort of scanner to digitize receipts? Why or why not?

    Have a great day!

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    I've been looking over some of my favourite blogs recently for organisation tips, and I stumbled upon your lovely blog. This is a brilliant tip and I'm going to now do something like this over the weekend. Xxx

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    Shoe organizers are awesome. I use the clear ones (Container Store sells them) on my daughter's closet door for gloves, hats, necklaces, etc… and also in my craft room for everything from hole punchers to glue. I love your cute khaki one though…just need another door!

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