Sweetheart Valentine Mantel {for under $5}

While my husband was enjoying the Super Bowl {and ridiculously good halftime show} in Dallas, my daughter and I got busy making the house look a little bit more like Valentine’s Day! I am not one to go big with V. day décor, but I love a few sweet things to make us all smile. I also host an annual tea party for my daughter and her little friends in February . . . so the decorations do double duty. This year, she wanted lots and lots of hearts!  We managed to give the mantel ‘a little heart’ for under five dollars {in fact, I think we spent three!}. IMG_9480 IMG_9485 I loving shopping the house to create an almost free mantel. Here I wrapped some extra scrapbook paper around the candles to give them some color. IMG_9483IMG_9484 My girl, Cassie, from Hi Sugarplum inspired our heart garland. We scoured the house for leftover scrapbook paper and used some pink satin ribbon we had on hand. Great project for little hands. I cut the hearts and hole punched them . . . and my daughter strung the ribbon through to make the garland. IMG_9486 IMG_9487 If you need a step by step, Cassie does a great job showing you how to put it all together!  Picnik collage For the framed hearts, we used a piece of scrapbook paper {target sold a pack of heart paper in the dollar section}. They also sold a pack of four hearts for a dollar. We simply used double sided tape to attach them to the glass. And yes, I have an addiction to the dollar section. Anyone willing to be my sponsor??} IMG_9493 Inspired by a project my mom used to do with me,  I drew a heart on a piece of white paper and my daughter got busy gluing each conversation heart.  Great activity, mommies! It took her quite a while! Just sayin’.  IMG_9472 We gave our chalk board vase a little love as well with a sweet message: IMG_9471 So there you have it. A shout out to Valentine’s Day and our upcoming Sweetheart Tea Party! The rest of the tea party décor is on the down low. Must keep some things a surprise for those of you joining us for the Mommy-Daughter tea! IMG_9481   On another note, hope you all had a great weekend. And to those of you from Texas, my husband actually said he could picture moving there. Ya’ll must be really really nice!!! Does he know Fergie doesn’t actually live there??? What about you? Have you gotten crafty for Valentine’s Day? I will be back tomorrow with a great round-up of Valentine ideas! If you haven’t yet busted out the decorations, maybe these will inspire you! Sharing this with: Polly Want a Crafter Keeping it Simple The Shabby Nest Today’s Creative Blog The Girl Creative


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    Looks great! I especially like the framed heart made of conversation hearts. Very meta.

    I'm not a big one for decorating, especially for "lesser" holidays, but my boys sure enjoy it. Will probably do more this year, at their request.

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    I love how simple and sweet it is! The paper around the candles are so smart. Especially adore the chalk board vase and it's saying. Maybe I'll use that one somewhere in my house (:

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    Awww…and yes, I'm feeling very inspired!!! (c: I already told cassie how much I love that darling garland, but yours is too cute! Actually, my favorite thing is the candles wrapped in scrapbook paper, brilliant! I can't wait to see the mother-daughter tea, that is such an adorable tradition!

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    This looks great – my conversation heart project goes up tomorrow – LOL :) The mother-daughter tea sounds wonderful. Of course Texans are lovely – I will still claim it even though this year marks the year I have officially lived the same amount of time elsewhere as I did Texas… but I will always be a Texan (born and bred) oh and when you find the $1 spot sponsor, let me know… :) there are a few things also in my mantel post today! LOL

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    Lovely Courtney! The candy hearts are adorable and a bonus about the kid-friendly activity! There's a blog "The Stories of A to Z" that has a V-Day mantle link party too if you want to join- I think your mantle would be a favorite.

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    I love the mantel! Especially the candy heart!! Too cute. Don't do much for V-day here as the girls are older (they do still get treats from mom and dad however), but the younger one has had a tournament in Birmingham ever since we can remember for V-Day weekend!!

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    Love the mantle! So cute!

    I am curious about where you got that cool branch that is in the chalkboard vase. Did you make it? If not, where did you buy it? I have been looking for something similar!

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    That candy heart looks pretty darn good! If I sat my son down to do that it would end up looking like a square, at best LOL

    Your mantle is so pretty!! I love that is cost you $3 to…make it even prettier : )


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    Looks great, Court!!! Thanks for the shout-out…and yay for lengthy kid projects!!!

    Your tea is going to be off the hook, yo…seriously, I'm sure it will be amazing. Can't wait to see it all!

    And of course Texans rock!!

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    That is such a sweet and pretty mantle. I love that you've carried on the tradition of the conversation heart artwork with your kids. I bet your kids had fun yesterday putting this together with you. I love it, Courtney!

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    We are hosting a Valentine linkup party over at Sassy Sites! I would love to have you stop by and link up this Valentine post (and ANY other valentine post you have!) xoxo!!

    <3 Marni

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