Teacher Gifts: DIY Chalkboard Stickers

As a former teacher, I can appreciate the beauty of a gift card. I loved receiving them. So for my children’s teachers and babysitter I like to tuck a gift card into some type of sweet treat. Because gift cards can come across as impersonal I like to be sure the packaging shows some thought and care. This year, I went to my wrapping closet and used six little metal bins {I always raid the Target dollar section for these and hide them away}. I knew I wanted to personalize them somehow. I ended up using vinyl paper. I simply sprayed it with chalkboard paint and created my own stickers. It was super simple. I know you can purchase premade ones on Etsy as well if you are not up for creating your own. IMG_6093 IMG_6107 Make your own stickers: IMG_5994 IMG_6001IMG_6004IMG_6006IMG_6008 DIY Chalkboard Stickers: 1. Cut a piece of vinyl paper or contact paper 2. Spray with chalkboard paint and let dry 3. Create a stencil out of cardboard and trace on back side 4. Cut out chalkboard stickers 5. Season by rubbing chalk over sticker 6. Erase and write until your heart’s content IMG_6013 I purchased See’s Candy peanut brittle {love!} to fill the pails. This large box was enough for six buckets with a few pieces left over for me to snack on while assembling. IMG_6076IMG_6114 Tie up a bundle of sweets and slip in each pail. The gift card will fit snuggly next to the peanut brittle. IMG_6098 IMG_6108 I will tuck a hand written note and gift card into each little bucket. Merry  Christmas  to  our  teachers. We love and appreciate all that you do for our children. ……………………………………. For more DIY chalkboard label inspiration you can see how Andrea from Courageous Housekeeping used Shipping Labels {so smart} and how Gina from The Shabby Chic Cottage used a circle punch. And I must have a thing for chalkboard as I made these mason jars last year. sharing with: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


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    We are almost the same person…kind of. I have three of those same little pails waiting to be used for my kids…I think…but I might do this instead. (Sorry, kids). I have vinyl. Amazing. And I almost bought that spray paint the other day and ONLY didn't b/c I was spending way too much on everything else so I said it would have to wait. It was last week. I think I've waited long enough.

    So as you can see, dear Courtney, I practically have all the makings (and certainly gusto) to do this amazing project, so we are nearly the same. Haha.

    In all seriousness, this is really, really fabulous! I love your creativity and willingness to share. You're the best!

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    As a former teacher myself, I loved gift cards as well. As heartfelt as they were, I could only keep so many coffee mugs! : ) Love the idea of making the packaging more special – your presentation of the gift card is so cute and unique!

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    Cute labels! I used these for my pantry but was lucky enough to find chalkboard vinyl contact paper at the local dollar store. Saves a step if you can find it.

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