Vintage Milk Bottles and Donuts

I wanted to share a fun find with you. The vintage milk bottle is always so charming and I have come across two new sources. Whether you are filling them with milk, flowers, gumballs, or anything else, you can’t go wrong with an old fashioned look. We used our new vintage milk bottles for milk and donuts on the weekend. We only do donuts on Sunday after church and I thought this would be a fun and simple treat. You could use this idea for a playdate or simple birthday party treat as well. milkbottles1 milkbottlesdonuts These particular bottles cam in a box of four from HomeGoods. They were $8 or the set and what I love is that they came with these sturdy, plastic straws. While the paper straws are darling, we all know they don’t hold up too well.   milkbottlesflowers   milkbottlescrop   milkbottlesthree The black and white fabric is from Ikea and makes for a great back drop for any party setting. So simple and classic. Cheers to a sweet and wonderful week for all.  


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    Now I want a powdered donut!!! Remember those round sugar cookies with the hole in the middle? We used to pretend they were edible rings…now S puts them on her straw with a bottle of milk…so cute!

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